Help with signal box

In case you experience any problems with your Signal Box, we've got the following advice to help.  Or you can also learn more about how to set up and use your Signal Box


Changing broadband or moving home

If you change your home broadband supplier, router or move house then the Signal Box will stop working and the green light will flash quickly. You'll need to call customers services to get it re-activated. This is just security feature to help us prevent fraud.

If you're an Orange customer call 0800 079 0275

If you're an EE customer call 150

If you're a T-Mobile customer call 0800 956 3146

Poor call quality

If you have a slow internet connection, and other people in the house are using the internet at the same time as you're making a call, the call quality can sometimes be poor. This is because your internet connection can only process a certain amount of data and information at any one time.

Green light flashing quickly

Sometimes your Signal Box may lose connection with us. It's worth unplugging it and then re-connecting it again, leaving it for a few hours to rectify itself. If the problem persists, call customer services.

If you're an Orange customer call 0800 079 0275

If you're an EE customer call 150

If you're a T-Mobile customer call 0800 956 3146

Red light - single flash

This means that Signal Box isn't connected properly. Check the cables are plugged in correctly to the router and your Signal Box. If this doesn't work, try changing the Ethernet cable and leave it for a couple of hours to reset before giving us a call.

Red light - sequence of two flashing lights

The Signal Box is not receiving an internet connection. Check the connection of your home broadband.

Red light - sequence of three flashing lights

Something else is interfering with the signal. Make sure the Signal Box is at least 60cm away from the router and check it's not too close to other electrical equipment.

n.b. the Signal Box is not compatible with the Galaxy Core Prime and the Xcover 3

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