Bright Box router - set up standard broadband

Need instructions on how to set up your Bright Box router? This guide shows you how.

If you'd prefer, you can download and print a copy of the set up guide:

Bright Box set up guide (.PDF 2.46MB)

Connect the cables

  1. If required, disconnect any old broadband equipment (i.e. a router or modem) from your phone line
  2. You can leave your broadband filters connected to the phone.
  3. Fit one of your new broadband filters to the phone socket that you want to connect your broadband router to

    Broadband filter connected to phone socket

  4. We suggest you use your main telephone socket for a better broadband speed. Try to avoid using an extension line or socket.
  5. Connect the grey broadband cable into the broadband filter

    Connect broadband cable into broadband filter

  6. You can connect a telephone to the other available socket

    Optional - telephone connected to broadband filter

  7. Plug the other end of the broadband cable into the DSL socket on your router

    Bright Box router - DSL socket

  8. Connect the two parts of the power supply together

    Two part power supply

  9. Plug the power cable into the power socket on the router

    Power cable connected to Power socket on Bright Box router

  10. Plug the other end into plug socket and turn it on

    Power adapter plugged in to power socket

  11. You can now switch the router on

    Power switch on Bright Box router

  12. The power light will go solid green and the broadband light will start to flash, then go solid green shortly afterwards
  13. Your set up should look similar to the image below

    Image showing Bright Box set up in home environment

  14. The power light will go green and after about a minute the broadband light will go solid green

    Power light and Broadband light solid green

It'll take about five minutes for your router to download your broadband username and password.

Wired or wireless connection?

While your router is getting ready to connect to the internet, you can set up a wired or wireless connection between your computer and Bright Box router.

You'll find your wireless network name and wireless password printed on the sticker on the bottom of the router, and also on your KEEP MEE card. For more help, go to one of the articles below:

Check your connection

After about five minutes (and once you've connected your computer to your router), you can check your internet connection by viewing a web page, e.g. our website.

If you see the NEARLY THERE page and you've waited five minutes, try updating your username and password on your router.


If that doesn't help, turn your computer and router off, then back on again and try again.

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