Livebox Mini - restore factory settings

If you're having problems with your Livebox, it can help to restore to factory default settings. For example, when you press the WiFi button the WiFi light doesn't flash. Or, you might have seen a page indicating that an internal error has occurred.

Resetting your Livebox will clear all your settings and preferences. This includes your broadband username and password and any devices you've allowed to connect, by pressing the WiFi button. You might like to print this guide in case you lose your internet connection.

If you're happy to go ahead, here's how to reset your Livebox:

  1. Make sure the Livebox is plugged in and turned on
  2. Press and hold a paper clip (or similar sized object) into the Reset hole for six seconds

    Reset button on Livebox Mini

  3. All the lights on the Livebox will turn off

    Animated image of Livebox Mini - lights turning off

  4. Remove the paper clip
  5. Wait about another six seconds - the Livebox should restart and the power light will start to flash
  6. the Livebox takes about three minutes to restart

Press the WiFi button

Our Liveboxes use something called MAC filtering. This means that each time you want to connect a new device to your Livebox, you'll need to press the WiFi button:

Livebox Mini - WiFi button

Remember to do this when you re-connect any other computers in your home.

Enter your broadband username and password

  1. Go to

    Enter into your browser

  2. The Livebox Homepage will load
  3. Under Settings, click Access

    The Livebox admin pages will load

  4. Enter the password admin and click Sign in

    Enter the password admin, and click sign in.

  5. Select the Internet option under the Livebox menu
  6. Enter your Broadband username, e.g.
  7. Enter your Broadband password
  8. Click Save

    Livebox home page - enter your password

  9. Your Livebox will apply the new settings
  10. That's it - your Livebox will connect to the internet
  11. Oh, and don't forget to press the WiFi button on the back of the Livebox next time you re-connect any computers

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