Livebox Mini - connect using WiFi

Want to connect a computer or device to your Livebox Mini? All the information you need is in this guide.

WiFi button

Our Liveboxes use something called MAC filtering. Simply press the WiFi button on the side of your Livebox before trying to connect for the first time.

Don't have a WiFi button? See our Livebox wireless guide.

Wireless settings

To connect a computer or device to your Livebox, you'll need:

  • your wireless network name or SSID - on a Livebox this is labelled Product Name e.g. Livebox-1a2b
  • wireless password (network key, or wireless network key) - on a Livebox this is labelled security key

You'll find these on a sticker on the side of your Livebox Mini:

WEP key and security key top tips

  • the WEP key is 26 characters long
  • it uses letters A-F and 0-9 - so if it looks like the letter o it's actually a zero
  • don't enter the spaces - these are used to help you read the long key, and shouldn't be entered
  • if you're struggling to read the security key, why not set up a wired connection to your Livebox, and copy the security key from your Livebox admin pages. You'll find more help with this in our guide to checking your Livebox WiFi settings


Connect your devices

To connect, simply:

  1. Press the WiFi button on your Livebox.
  2. Open the wireless software on your computer or device (see below for help).
  3. Select your Livebox's wireless network name (e.g Livebox-1a2b3c).
  4. Enter your Security Key or WEP Key and connect.

For more instructions, see one of our guides below:

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