Microsoft Surface 3 - Remove a SIM card

Remove the SIM card from your Surface 3 (4G LTE)

Use the included SIM ejector tool to remove the Nano SIM card tray from Surface 3 (4G LTE). Here’s how:

Step 1: Shut down your Surface.
Step 2: Along the bottom edge of your Surface, insert the tip of the SIM ejector tool into the hole in the SIM card tray, and push.
The SIM card tray will pop out.

inserting the SIM card in Surface 3


Step 3: Gently pull on the tray to take it all the way out of your Surface.
Step 4: Replace the SIM card in the tray, being careful not to touch the metallic part of the SIM card and lining up the notches of the card and the tray.
Step 5: Replace the SIM card tray with the logo side toward you, and slide it into your Surface, pressing it in slightly.
Step 6: Turn on your Surface.

If your Surface doesn’t recognize the SIM card after you insert it, follow the steps above to remove the SIM card and make sure that the notches on the card align with the notches on the tray.

If the notches align, but your Surface still doesn’t recognize the SIM card, you might need to get a replacement SIM card from your mobile operator.

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