Nokia Asha 300-view your missed calls

It's easy to use your Nokia Asha 300 to view your missed calls, just follow these simple steps.

Want to see who made the call you missed?

On the home screen, select View. The caller's name is displayed, if stored in the
contacts list.

Missed and received calls are logged only if supported by the network, and the phone
is switched on and within the network service area.

Call back the contact or number

Go to the contact or number, and press the call key.

View the missed calls later

Select Menu > Contacts > Log and Missed calls.

Call the last dialled number

Trying to call someone, but they are not answering? It is easy to call them again.
In the home screen, press the call key, select the number from the list, and press the
call key again.

Divert calls to your voice mailbox or another phone number

When you cannot answer, you can divert your calls.

Call divert is a network service.

  1. Select Menu > Settings > Call > Call divert.
  2. Select when to divert the incoming calls:
    All voice calls — Divert all incoming voice calls.
    If busy — Divert voice calls when busy.
    If not answered — Divert voice calls only when not answered.
    If out of reach — Divert voice calls when the phone is switched off or out of
    network coverage for a certain period.
    If not available — Divert voice calls when not answered, or the phone is busy, or
    switched off, or out of network coverage.
  3. Select Activate > To voice mailbox or To other number.
  4. If If not answered or If not available is selected, set the length of time after which
    a call is forwarded.

Save a number from a received call or message

Have you received a call or message from a person whose phone number is not yet
saved in the contacts list? You can easily save the number to your contacts.

Save a number from a received call

  1. Select Menu > Contacts > Log and Received calls.
  2. Select the number and Options > Save.
  3. Enter a name for the contact, and select Save.

Save a number from a received message

  1. Select Menu > Messaging.
  2. Select Conversations or Inbox and a message.
  3. Press the call key.
  4. Select the number and Save.
  5. Enter a name for the contact, and select Save.

Tip: To add a new number to an existing contact, select the number and Add to

Prevent making or receiving calls

Select Menu > Settings and Security. To prevent calls, you need a barring password from your service provider.

Prevent certain call types

  1. Select Call barr. service and the desired option.
  2. Select Activate, and enter your barring password.

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