Helping you see

Get help choosing a phone if you're visually impaired

There are lots of phones to choose from. But which ones are best if you're visually impaired or your vision isn't 100%?

We've got phones with bigger buttons and larger screens, and we can show you how to change the text size and background to suit you.

Many modern phones have voice dialling, so you can call a number just by saying a couple of words

The Extra Help section below might also be useful: it provides information on free directory enquiries, bills and contacting us

Choosing the right phone

We asked people with visual impairments to try some of our phones and tell us which are best if you find it difficult to see. They told us the iPhone is especially good because the text is automatically white on black (a good combination) and you can make the words bigger. The iPhone also has voice commands enabling you take charge of your phone by talking to it. You can even get it to read out the text that's on the screen. However the iPhone is controlled by a touchscreen, there are no buttons, so make sure it works for you before you buy.

It's also worth looking for a phone with:

'haptic' feedback – this means that when you press a key, the phone vibrates

audio feedback – so you can hear instructions

a back-lit keypad – in case the light is poor

adjustable contrast – to help make text easier to read

adjustable font size – in case you want larger letters

large, clear, screen display and voice calling – to cut down on how much you have to read

Audible battery indicator – so you can hear when you’re running low

We've also launched EE phone simulators which let you explore the phone online and learn about its capabilities. You can try out the iPhone 5, HTC One XL and Samsung Galaxy S III 4G. The simulators are like having an expert in the room to show you how to use all the phone's great features.

The RNIB website also has a Beginner's guide to mobiles and smartphones which provides lots of useful advice on the world of mobiles and choosing the right device.

The Mobile Manufacturers Forum also has a website with information on phone features that aim to help accessibility issues.

Choosing the right plan

Choose a plan that suits the way you use your phone. If you find it easier to talk on the phone rather than text, we offer pay as you go and pay monthly plans that give great value on voice calls. Visit the EE, Orange and T-Mobile shops for details.

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