Great phones are Best On EE

Get a top phone, unleash the network

Whether you’re thinking of joining EE or are upgrading, there’s never been a better time to consider a phone that's Best on EE.

Choose a phone that gives you speeds as fast as fibre broadband when you’re out and about, plus the very best coverage with 4G Calling and WiFi Calling.

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All you need to know about 4G Calling

Stay superfast

We’ve rolled out 4G Calling technology across our network, which means you can use data at 4G speeds even when you’re on a call.

Clearer calls

4G Calling means your calls can now go over the 4G network, which makes them even more crystal clear.

Seamless switch

If you’re using WiFi Calling and have a 4G Calling enabled phone, you'll have seamless calls when you're on the move.

WiFi Calling

Lets you make calls wherever there's WiFi

If your indoor coverage is a bit patchy, you can enable WiFi Calling, which lets you switch seamlessly.

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Choose a phone that's Best on EE


If you're upgrading, there's never been a better time to get one of our phones that are Best on EE. That's because they open the door to all the latest technology that makes our network special.

But even if you're not looking at our Best on EE range, there are lots of other great phones that also let you enjoy some of the benefits of 4G Calling, WiFi Calling and speeds as fast as fibre broadband on your phone.