Amazon Echo on a kitchen top with words "Alexa, answer the call"


Text ALEXA to 150 to start your free set up today

A new way to talk

You can now link your EE pay monthly mobile plan with Alexa to make and receive calls hands-free on your compatible Echo device. The service is free to set up and lets you keep in touch using your monthly plan allowances and existing contacts, just by asking Alexa.

Answer calls without your phone

Making dinner but mum’s calling? Getting tasked ticked off but need to dial into the team meeting? They’re both within reach – even if your phone isn’t.

You can now answer your calls using an Alexa device even if your phone is switched off or out of battery. Everyone can join in on the important calls, no more ‘hold on, I’m putting you on speaker’, simply gather around Alexa.


How to set up your calls with Alexa

in three simple steps...

Text 150

Simply text ALEXA to 150 to start your set up.

Download and open the Alexa app

Open or download the Alexa app. Head to Settings and then Communication to link your EE account. Then follow the simple steps.

Select EE as your calling preference

Select EE so you can start calling friends and family, hands-free. Try it out by saying ‘Alexa, call mum’.

Spread the cost with Add To Plan

If you haven’t got an Echo device, we’ve got you covered. Spread the cost over 11 months with Add to Plan, interest free – you just pay with your phone bill. Plus, buy any Amazon Echo device and we’ll give you a £20 discount off your next purchase from a selection of our smart home range.