Digital Home Phone

3-Way Calling

included as standard

Make 2 calls

at the same time

Call Protect

Protecting you from scams

Enjoy crystal clear voice calling with our next generation home phone service and Digital Home Phone handsets, powered over your EE broadband.

Digital Home Phone benefits

Crystal clear call quality

Digital Home Phone is powered over broadband, meaning you can enjoy higher quality calls.

Call Protect

Prevent unwanted calls and send them to your junk voicemail.

Make and receive 2 calls at once

You can make 2 calls on the same line at the same time. And with 3 Way Calling you can chat with 2 other people at the same time too.

Voicemail included

Call pack features include Caller Display, Voicemail, Call Waiting, Three Way Calling and Call Barring.

Simple to set up and use

No line rental, just pay for the call pack you choose.

Forward calls to your mobile when you’re out

Call Divert enables you to send calls to your home to any other phone so you don’t miss any vital calls.

Say hello to the future of home phone

Our Digital Home Phone service is powered over your EE broadband, instead of a traditional phone line. You’ll enjoy a much clearer call quality and a host of useful calling features.

Save on your next phone

Get a discount on Digital Home Phone devices when you take any call pack, and enjoy crystal clear call quality.

Heaps of inclusive calling features

All call packs include a range of handy features including Call Diversion, Call Waiting and Call Barring, and crystal clear 3 Way Calling.

Never miss an important moment

Voicemail is included as standard. You can also upgrade your call pack to include Premium Voicemail for additional features like a larger mailbox, do not disturb mode, VIP callers and more.

Protect your privacy

Call Protect is included with all call packs, it helps prevent unwanted calls and sends them to your junk voicemail.

Learn more about Digital Home Phone

It works using something called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It converts your voice into a digital signal sent over your broadband connection and comes with lots of features included like Call Protect and Voicemail.

Your new home phone service is really simple to set up. On your switchover day simply unplug your phone from the wall socket and plug it into the back of your smart hub. If you have multiple phones or the smart hub is in a location away from where you want your phone, you can request an adaptor which works like a wireless extension.

Learn more about how to setup your Digital Home Phone.

We're working closely with telecare and alarm providers to make sure that we know who is using their equipment. We want to make sure that you aren't moved over before your service equipment is ready, so please speak to your provider and they may ask you to call us to let us know which equipment you're using.
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