EE Broadband deals

Full Fibre & TV
FOR ONLY £44.99

£29.99 monthly for EE Full Fibre 150. 24 month contract.

Including Full Fibre 150 broadband, NOW Entertainment giving you access to Sky entertainment, Netflix and discovery+ Basic.

Monthly prices increase £3 for broadband and £2 for TV on 31 March each year. 24 month contract.

Discover EE Broadband

Get EE Broadband and save £20 monthly on EE Mobile

Switch to EE Broadband and save £20 monthly when you upgrade or add unlimited data SIMs and airtime plans. Prices from £10 for 10Mbps speeds.


Super-easy switching

No need to contact your existing broadband provider. We'll cancel your current contract for you.

Moving home?

Call us at least 3 weeks before, and we'll get broadband set up at your new place for free - even if we need to send an engineer. And, as a housewarming gift, we'll give you a month of free broadband

One less thing to worry about

We run regular checks on your broadband, and tweak it automatically so it keeps running at its very best.

That's why broadband switchers choose us

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