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A new helping hand—how your broadband can make your home run even smarter


Here's our roundup of all the hints, hacks and helpful advice you need to run an effortless, multifunctional space

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Every home is a multifunctional space. While that’s always been true, it’s become even more apparent in the past few years. In the era of working from home, juggling work and kids all in one space is increasingly tricky. In the space of a few hours, a sofa can be an office, a playroom a home cinema, a bed and back again. If everyone’s at home firing across emails, online gaming, streaming TV and researching homework online, it can put a real strain on the broadband.

You may have heard about optimising your home network—now there’s an easier way to do it. EE’s new Smart Hub Plus gives you direct control over your devices, parental controls, broadband speeds and much more. Together, they’ll make your home a little smarter, and bring a little calm to your work-life balance.

If you’ve got a meeting you simply cannot miss and others in the household are throttling your connection, you can control WiFi traffic at the touch of a button using WiFi Enhancer and give yourself priority.

There’s also the ability to control when and where your family uses WiFi. If you want a phone-free zone at the dinner table, you can make one. If you’re worried about your kids browsing the internet late at night, you can set up the WiFi to turn off at a certain time to make sure everyone is getting enough sleep.

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The parents among us probably want better peace of mind over kids’ internet usage. With Smart Hub Plus you can see every device on the network and how long it’s spent online. Not only can you see this data, but you also can go into every device and change its broadband settings. That gives you unbelievable control over your devices.

You can apply parental controls, pause WiFi, set up guest WiFi to ensure data protection, and boost your network when you need it. You can give kids in their late teens a little more freedom with how they spend their time online too. The whole house will soon be running a lot more efficiently.

However, don’t think that this level of control is just making more work. You can also make groups of devices and users. Rather than having to go through every single one of your kids’ devices—phones, laptops, iPads, game consoles—you can match users and devices together in one go and apply parental controls on all of them at once. It’s all done in seconds.

Finally, if you’re thinking of having guests over but find it a hassle sharing the code (usually the fiddly ones with capital letters and numbers), Smart Hub Plus allows you to share your WiFi instantly using a QR code. That’s it.

There’s some really good ways tech can help around the home—whether it’s for learning, working, or simply relaxing. EE’s Smart Hub Plus is a great way to take control of your home and make it work around you.

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