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EE Learn has everything your child needs to make learning online fun, accessible and safe. With tools to help them protect their wellbeing and navigate life in the online world, plus all the tech they need to learn well from anywhere, whatever network they’re on.

Could social media be a learning platform for your kids?


Helping kids stay safe online

We know you can’t watch over your kids 24/7. That’s why we offer PhoneSmart, a free course to prepare children for the digital world, no matter what network you're on.

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Relaxing your mind just got easier

Life’s never been more full on for your kids. With Calm and EE, you’ll have all the tools to help them grow and navigate the road ahead.

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Skills for school and life

EE LearnSmart is our new learning platform, which gives young people access to a network of inspiring mentors that can help them navigate their way through school and life.

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Start their first phone journey with EE

Explore the range of phones available on the UK’s best network and give them that first phone feeling.

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Win Wembley Stadium tickets

Get your hands on a pair of tickets to every public event at Wembley Stadium for the rest of 2024.

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Take control with top class tools

Give them the freedom to learn online whilst staying in control of their tech and connectivity.

Kid-friendly learning tech

Pay upfront or spread the cost.

More great reasons to choose EE

Get expert advice

As partners of Internet Matters we know how to keep your kids safe online.

Unlock big savings

Save up to 30% on each additional SIM or phone plan you take.

Stay in touch

Stay Connected Data means they can stay in touch even if their data runs out.

Move data around

Data Gifting lets you easily move data around to family members who need it.

Annual price increases - mobile

The monthly airtime plan price shown, add-ons and all out of bundle charges will increase on or after 31st March every year by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation published in January that year, plus 3.9%. See for details. Please note the cost of other services you take from us may increase or decrease while you're an EE customer.