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Get your fix with 2-hour phone repairs

All with the manufacturer seal of approval.

Rapid Device Repairs, whatever network you're on

Device repairs in-store

Drop off your phone, tablet, smart watch or WiFi Mini to a store. We'll update you throughout the repair.

Send your device off for repair

If you can't get to a store, send your phone, tablet or smart watch to us. You can take it to a DPD drop-off point or book a collection.

How it works

Find a store

Find your nearest participating store and book an appointment.

Drop off your device

Whatever your network, bring in your device for an expert repair.

Track your repair

We’ll text or email you to keep you updated or you can use our repair tracker.

There’s nothing worse than being stuck without your mobile device.

And when something goes wrong, like a smashed screen, you want to get it working again fast.

That’s why in selected EE stores you can now get authorised repairs carried out by professionals the same day you bring it in.

Our in-store repairs get the seal of approval from Samsung, Apple and Google.

So now you’ll get peace of mind knowing your warranty and personal data are safe, whatever network you’re on.

Repairs price list

Prices are a guide only. If your device is not listed, our advisors will be happy to give you a quote.

Apple iPhone 12 £280 £70 Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max £330 £70 Apple iPhone 13 £280 £70 Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max £330 £70 Apple iPhone 14 £280 £70 Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max £370 £70 Apple iPhone 15 £280 £70 Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max £370 £70 Apple iPhone SE 2020 £150 £50 Samsung A34 5G £110 £50 Samsung A54 5G £70 £30 Samsung Galaxy S21 5G £160 £40 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra £230 £50 Samsung Galaxy S22 £160 £40 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra £230 £50 Samsung Galaxy S23 £160 £50 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra £220 £50 Google Pixel 6 £90 £40 Google Pixel 6 Pro £170 £40 Google Pixel 7a £70 £40 Google Pixel 7 £80 £40 Google Pixel 7 Pro £150 £40 Google Pixel 8 £90 £40 Google Pixel 8 Pro £150 £40
{"from":"Brand","fixedHeader":false,"tableHeader":[["Model"],["Screen repair"],["Battery repair"]],"rows":[{"rowVal":[["iPhone 12","£280","£70"]],"rowDesc":["Apple"]},{"rowVal":[["iPhone 12 Pro Max","£330","£70"]],"rowDesc":["Apple"]},{"rowVal":[["iPhone 13","£280","£70"]],"rowDesc":["Apple"]},{"rowVal":[["iPhone 13 Pro Max","£330","£70"]],"rowDesc":["Apple"]},{"rowVal":[["iPhone 14","£280","£70"]],"rowDesc":["Apple"]},{"rowVal":[["iPhone 14 Pro Max","£370","£70"]],"rowDesc":["Apple"]},{"rowVal":[["iPhone 15","£280","£70"]],"rowDesc":["Apple"]},{"rowVal":[["iPhone 15 Pro Max","£370","£70"]],"rowDesc":["Apple"]},{"rowVal":[["iPhone SE 2020","£150","£50"]],"rowDesc":["Apple"]},{"rowVal":[["A34 5G","£110","£50"]],"rowDesc":["Samsung"]},{"rowVal":[["A54 5G","£70","£30"]],"rowDesc":["Samsung"]},{"rowVal":[["Galaxy S21 5G","£160","£40"]],"rowDesc":["Samsung"]},{"rowVal":[["Galaxy S21 Ultra","£230","£50"]],"rowDesc":["Samsung"]},{"rowVal":[["Galaxy S22","£160","£40"]],"rowDesc":["Samsung"]},{"rowVal":[["Galaxy S22 Ultra","£230","£50"]],"rowDesc":["Samsung"]},{"rowVal":[["Galaxy S23","£160","£50"]],"rowDesc":["Samsung"]},{"rowVal":[["Galaxy S23 Ultra","£220","£50"]],"rowDesc":["Samsung"]},{"rowVal":[["Pixel 6","£90","£40"]],"rowDesc":["Google"]},{"rowVal":[["Pixel 6 Pro","£170","£40"]],"rowDesc":["Google"]},{"rowVal":[["Pixel 7a","£70","£40"]],"rowDesc":["Google"]},{"rowVal":[["Pixel 7","£80","£40"]],"rowDesc":["Google"]},{"rowVal":[["Pixel 7 Pro","£150","£40"]],"rowDesc":["Google"]},{"rowVal":[["Pixel 8","£90","£40"]],"rowDesc":["Google"]},{"rowVal":[["Pixel 8 Pro","£150","£40"]],"rowDesc":["Google"]}]}

Repair costs for flip or fold phones

Samsung Flip 4 £340 £110 £350 £100 Samsung Fold 4 £520 £140 £520 £100 Samsung Flip 5 £300 £130 £350 £80 Samsung Fold 5 £530 £140 £530 £110 Google Fold £670 £120 £760 £60
{"from":"Brand","fixedHeader":false,"tableHeader":[["Model"],["Main screen repair"],["Outer screen repair"],["Repair both screens"],["Battery repair"]],"rows":[{"rowVal":[["Flip 4","£340","£110","£350","£100"]],"rowDesc":["Samsung"]},{"rowVal":[["Fold 4","£520","£140","£520","£100"]],"rowDesc":["Samsung"]},{"rowVal":[["Flip 5","£300","£130","£350","£80"]],"rowDesc":["Samsung"]},{"rowVal":[["Fold 5","£530","£140","£530","£110"]],"rowDesc":["Samsung"]},{"rowVal":[["Fold","£670","£120","£760","£60"]],"rowDesc":["Google"]}]}

Rapid Device Repairs, whatever network you're on

Find your nearest participating store and book an appointment for an expert repair.

Can't get to a store? Send us your device

Either take your device to a DPD drop-off point or have it picked up by courier.