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Bring your music and photos with you

Google Play Music lets you transfer up to 50,000 songs for free from your iTunes. Switching photos to your Android device is as simple as installing Google Photos on your iPhone and syncing them to your Google account, so they are available on your new phone. Google Photos is a great way to keep photos old and new in one place.


Find all your apps and discover new ones

With over 1.3 million apps available, you'll find familiar faces and discover new favourites on Google Play. For subscription services like Netflix, you can transfer to Android for free by simply downloading the app from Google Play and signing in.


Setup your email

The Gmail app is ready to go as soon as you set up your Google account on your new Android device. Just sign in. Got a different email account? No problem. Just install your email provider's app from Google Play.

3 months' free Google Play Music with every Android phone

  • Stream over 35 million songs ad-free with Google Play Music
  • Store up to 50,000 of your own songs free
  • Download and listen even when you're not connected
  • Find the perfect playlist for any occasion

Best of google services

  • google-play
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    Let's play

    Choose from a universe of games. Your favourites are one tap away.

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    Discover more

    From music, movies and magazines to books and TV shows, Google Play gives you more than just apps.

  • google-photos
  • google-photos1

    Free unlimited high quality photo storage

    Get free unlimited high quality photos storage and automatic backup with Google Photos. You can also search through your photos by simply typing the places and things you’re looking for.

  • google-app
  • google-app1a

    Stay one step ahead

    Stay one step ahead. Get traffic information and alternative routes for your journey so that you're home in time for dinner.

  • google-app2

    See what's happening around you

    No need to search. Google Now shows you nearby events, restaurant recommendations and weather reports.