Stay in control

With the My EE app for Orange & T-Mobile

We've made a My EE app that's specific to your plan

If you're on Orange or T-Mobile , you'll need a slightly different version of the My EE app. It's available to download from this page, or you can text APP to 150 and we'll send you a link. Don't worry, there's no change to how the app works - you'll get all the same features as the EE version.

If you already have My EE but you're on an Orange or T-Mobile plan, you'll need make sure you download this version.

Why use the My EE app?

t’s the easiest way to pay your bills or top up, check your usage and any extra charges, buy add-ons and more.

With My EE for Orange and T-Mobile you can...

  • Keep on top of your billing date and amounts
  • See your remaining allowances at a glance
  • Understand your usage in detail
  • Check your credit, top up and more.

Watch the video to find out how to stay in control with My EE.

Get the My EE app for Orange and T-Mobile

Text APP to 150 or choose a link below

App Store
for iPhone and iPad

Google Play or Amazon
for Android devices

BlackBerry World
Windows Store