5 very cool things you can do with Apple Pay

25 October 2017

Ever fumbled around for change at the till after leaving your wallet at home? Or racked your brain for your PIN while the rest of the queue tuts impatiently? Thankfully, these irritations are quickly becoming a thing of the past. From grabbing a coffee to paying for a cab, contactless payment has revolutionised the way we spend our money – making shopping faster and easier than ever before. And as you’d expect, Apple is at the forefront of the contactless revolution.

Apple Pay is a slick and seamless contactless payment system that allows you to pay for things using your iPhone, iPad or even Apple Watch. As well as freeing you from plastic and passwords, it’s an absolute doddle to use. Simply hold your iPhone up to the payment terminal, place your finger over the sensor and wait for the beep. Easy, right? And with its clever use of biometric fingerprint technology, it’s also the safest way to pay for your shopping.

We’re certain you’ll love the way EE and Apple Pay can make daily payments a breeze. But if you’re still not convinced, here are five of the coolest things Apple Pay can do for you.

A new way to pay
The coolest thing about Apple Pay is its sheer convenience. Leave your plastic, forget the cash; in fact, you could even ditch the small change altogether! Left your wallet at home again? Not a problem. Since your smartphone is pretty much the one thing you won’t leave the house without (aside from your clothes, hopefully), you’ll never be caught without ‘cash’ again. So next time you find yourself wallet-less after ordering that machiatto, there’ll be no need to feel sheepish.

Travel light
Is there anything worse than fumbling around for that crumpled travelcard when you reach the ticket barrier? Well, yes actually – that sinking feeling when you realise you’ve lost your ticket altogether! Either way, Apple Pay can rescue you from both the shame of tutting commuters and those extortionate fines from ticket inspectors. And for the time-strapped commuters out there, you can use Apple Pay across London’s entire transport network, nationwide on Stagecoach buses, and on more and more national networks by the day.

One-click payments
For something so modern, online shopping can often feel like a chore. There are address forms to fill in, card numbers to type, verification passwords to remember – sometimes it’s enough to send you running for the nearest shopping centre! And that’s where Apple Pay comes in...

Just hit the Apple Pay logo while you’re browsing on Safari and you can make one-click payments using your iPhone. Forget all those security questions about your mother’s maiden name or your favourite football team – just verify the payment in seconds using your fingerprint. How clever’s that!?

Watch this space
Paying for a burger or cinema tickets with a flick of the wrist might sound like something from a sci-fi movie; but strap on your Apple Watch and you can shop like some sort of futuristic time-traveller. Just hold your wrist up to the payment terminal until you hear a beep and you’re done. It’s perfect if you’re out for a run and want to grab a bottle of water – just leave the change at home.

Safer than ever before
If you’re a little unsure about the security of contactless payments, Apple Pay will set your mind at ease. While other contactless methods can be abused by anyone who manages to get their hands on your card, Apple Pay’s hi-tech fingerprint recognition means your device is useless in the hands – or fingers – of anyone else. You can even store multiple credit and debit cards on your iPhone, which is a lot more secure than carrying around a load of plastic.

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