In partnership with GIANTX, we are supercharging the ambitions of women in gaming

What is the Power Up Programme?

Power Up - meet the team

As of June 2023, around 47% of gamers were women; 72% of women gamers had faced toxicity and 59% had chosen to use non-gendered or male identities online to avoid harassment - primarily relating to their gaming skills.

The launch of the EE Power Up Programme, in partnership with GIANTX, aims to create a clearer path to success and more opportunities for women in the UK gaming scene. Our mission is to break down barriers, foster inclusivity, and support the next generation of women gaming professionals.
The programme follows six aspiring women looking to break into the video gaming and esports industries over the course of four months. Hosted by GK Barry, it encompasses a mix of online and IRL sessions, including mentorship from GIANTX's content creator, Jupi, as well as dietary and wellbeing advice from nutritionist Emily English.

Meet our Mentees

Introducing the 6 Power Up Programme mentees. Click on their pictures below to learn more about them.


Hailing from the Northwest, Laura is currently researching and developing a test for early detection of cancer for her PhD.
Outside the lab, her time is spent playing Valorant, where she is currently a free agent competing in Game Changers and university-level Valorant, with the dream of playing professionally. Wherever she has free time, she is a sporadic streamer and avid netball player.

Matilda (Tilly)

Originally from Southern England, Tilly is currently living in Wales and working in the education industry.
Outside of work she fills her time with gaming-related content creation for her social channels, aspiring to have a career in it. She also enjoys playing games of many genres and making cosplays (her favourite being Skye from Valorant). Valorant has always been a recreational game for Tilly until recently when she began spending more time engaging with Valorant e-sports media, and inspired by game changers, started taking the game more seriously.


Radiographer by day and a gamer by night! She spends most of her free time gaming with her friends. Hollie is also Twitch streamer / content creator and as a huge advocate for women in gaming, she is working on creating a positive safe space within the Valorant community.


Highly involved with the Valorant esports scene and women's esports in particular, Kylie is also the Manager of Esports at Durham University. She supports the student teams and creates initiatives and opportunities for them to get involved in the esports industry.
Kylie has been gaming since she was 4 years old and participated in esports during her time at university. As a Mum of 2 with a busy professional career in esports, Kylie's daily life is very different to those of her peers, and she considers herself very lucky to be in such a wonderful position. 


Paige has been gaming on PC for 4 years, whereas previously she had been playing on console. The transition from controller to mouse and keyboard was a challenge, however Paige found Valorant and some very cool women who inspired her to become better at the game and esports in general.

Over the last few years, Paige has competed and made a lot of friends within the Valorant community. Paige is passionate to improve herself, her gameplay, and the environment she plays in, not just for her but for every woman who would like to succeed in esports.


Growing up in Scotland Joanne has been an avid gamer for many years. Before this Joanne played professional football for the Women’s Scotland National Team.
Now, Joanne manages to juggle a full-time job while continuing with her passion to compete in Valorant.

Episode 3: Handle The Heat

In Handle the Heat the mentees will meet Emily English, a registered nutritionist, who will teach them what to eat to optimise their gaming performance. Following this, the mentees will learn how to create a champion’s mindset with esports psychologist, Edgar Chekera. Stay tuned for Episode 4 as the Power Up Programme goes abroad!