Channel Islands minutes add-ons from EE

Most 4G pay monthly phone plans come with unlimited minutes for calling mainland UK numbers. But some numbers are excluded, like premium rate numbers, and calls to the Channel Islands.

So if you've got friends and family in Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man, a Channel Islands minutes add-on can help keep your call costs to your loved ones under control.

How to get minutes add-ons

To buy a minutes add-on, simply pick the one you want and text the below code to 441. Choose from:

·         100 minutes to the Channel Islands for £6/month text CHANNEL to 441

·         200 minutes to the Channel Islands for £10/month text ISLAND to 441

·         500 minutes to the Channel Islands for £20/month text 500MIN to 441

You can also buy minutes add-ons by logging into My EE.

Remember, your minutes add-ons stay on your account until you remove them, so there's no need to keep adding them every month. And if you don't want them any more, just log in to My EE and cancel them.

Full terms and conditions can be found at

Find out more about add-ons.

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