EE points program scam

In this article, we'll cover how to spot the EE points program scam, how to report it and how to protect yourself from fraud.

The EE points program is a scam

EE is not currently running a points program, so if you get messages like: 
"The EE points program reminds you: 

Since you are a high-quality user of our company, we will give you some points as a gift. The points will expire in three working days. Please click on the link below to use your points to redeem prizes in time!"

This message is not from us. To stay secure:

  • never click unknown links in text messages
  • do not reply to this message
  • do not call the number the message was sent from
  • never share any personal or financial information about yourself and your family

Need to know

We will never:

  • let you know about points via text message or email

  • time pressure you to claim points

  • use unauthorized mobile numbers

  • request your personal or financial information

Does EE have a reward points program?

No. At EE we don’t offer an EE points program that would let you exchange points for rewards with us. Instead, we've partnered with Airtime Rewards which you can join to claim discounts on your bill and cashback on some of the purchases you make with your cards.

Visit EE rewards to find out more, or log in to the EE app.

Report EE points program scam messages

To report an EE points scam text message forward it, including a phone number or company name to 7726, free of charge.

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