ROAMING IN Ascension

Learn about costs, add-ons and what you need to do before you go.

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Roaming costs

Service Included in allowance Charges outside your allowance
Data/internet Buy data add-on
Making a call £2.05 per minute
Receiving a call £2.05 per minute
Sending a text 67p per text
Sending a picture message 73p per picture message
Voicemail To receive a voicemail you'll be charged at the receive a call per-minute rate above.
To save a voicemail you'll be charged at the making a call per-minute rate above.

How do I enable roaming?

Enabling calls and text

Text ROAMING to 150 before you go or enable international calls and texts from MyEE.

Enabling data

To use your data you need to enable roaming on your device.

How can I reduce costs?

Turn off ‘Wi-Fi Assist’
(iPhone only)

iPhones have a feature which may use your data even when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. Learn how to turn it off.

Avoid charges from
receiving voicemails

To switch your voicemail off, text VM OFF to 150 before you go.

Reduce how many
characters you text

Every 160 characters count as a text. So, if you send a text longer than this, you will get charged for multiple text messages.

Add-ons to reduce your roaming costs