Samsung s5230-add an email account (manual)

If you're a T-Mobile customer, follow these step-by-step instructions to set up a GPRS data connection for email for your Samsung S5230. If you're an Orange customer, your settings are at the end of this article.

Please note: The steps below are based on a POP3 email account. If you have another type of email account, there may be some differences in relation to some instructions.

1. Find Email profiles

  • Press Menu
  • Press Messages
  • Press Settings
  • Press Email
  • Press Email profiles

2. Create new or edit existing data connection

  • To create a new data connection:
    • Press Create
  • To edit an existing data connection:
    • Press the arrow icon next to the required data connection


3. Enter data connection name

  • Press the input field below Set name
  • Press backspace to clear the input field, if required
  • Key in EMAIL GPRS and press Done

4. Enter APN name

  • Press the input field below Access name
  • Key in and press Done

5. Select authentication

  • Press the drop down list below Auth type
  • Press Normal

6. Enter username

  • Press the input field below User ID
  • Key in user and press Done

7. Enter password

  • Press the input field below Password
  • Key in one2one and press Done

8. Save and activate data connection

  • Press Save
  • Press the data connection you have just set up (EMAIL GPRS) to activate it

9. Exit

  • Press Disconnect to return to standby mode

For Orange customers

1. Edit email settings

  • Set name: Orange Internet
  • Access name: orangeinternet
  • Auth type: Normal
  • User ID : Login for POP3 email access
  • Password: Password for POP3 email access
  • Protocol: Other
  • Linger time (sec.): 0

    In Advanced settings:
  • Static IP: Unchecked
  • Static DNS: Unchecked
  • Traffic class: Subscribed

2. Press OK, save

3. In Email profiles, select the new profile Orange Internet and this will set as default profile

4. In Email, select Email accounts

5. Select Create and enter the following information:

  • Account name:
  • SMTP server: your server number (Orange is
  • SMTP port: your port number (Orange is 25)
  • Secure connection: Off
  • Incoming email server type: POP3
  • POP3/IMAP4 server: your server number (Orange is
  • POP3/IMAP4 port: your port number (Orange is 110)
  • APOP login: Unchecked
  • Secure connection: Off
  • Download limit (count): 300
  • (IMAP4 only) IMAP4 incoming email options: your choice
  • Retrieving option: your choice
  • Keep on server: your choice
  • My address: your email address
  • User name: Login for POP3 email access (none)
  • Password: Password for POP3 email access (none)
  • (POP3 only) Use POP before SMTP authentication: Unchecked
  • Use SMTP authentication: Checked
  • Same as POP3/IMAP4: Unchecked
  • User name: (blank)
  • Password: (blank)

6. Press Save

7. The new account is now saved. Now press back three times and select email inbox

8. Select your new inbox and select Download 

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