Samsung s5230-internet browsing (manual)

If you're a T-Mobile customer, follow these instructions to set up internet browsing on your Samsung S5230. If you're an Orange customer, your settings are at the end of this article.

1. Find Access Point Names

  • Press Applications
  • Press Settings
  • Press Wireless and network
  • Press Mobile networks
  • Press Access Point Names

2. Create new data connection

  • Press the Menu key
  • Press New APN

3. Enter data connection name

  • Press Name
  • Key in T-Mobile GPRS and press OK

4. Enter APN name

  • Press APN
  • Key in and press OK

5. Enter username

  • Press User name
  • Key in user and press OK

6. Enter password

  • Press Password
  • Key in pass and press OK

7. Enter mobile country code

  • Press MCC
  • Key in 234 and press OK

8. Enter mobile network code

  • Press MNC
  • Key in 30 and press OK

9. Save and activate data connection

  • Press the Menu key
  • Press Save
  • Press the field next to the data connection you have just set up (T-Mobile GPRS) to mark it

10. Exit

  • Press the Home key to return to stand-by mode

For Orange customers

1. Find the settings

  • Press Menu, select Settings, Network settings, Connections
  • Press Create
  • Enter the following information:

2. Enter the data settings

  • Set name: Orange GPRS
  • Access name: orangeinternet
  • Auth type: Normal
  • User ID: (none)
  • Password: (none)
  • Protocol: HTTP
  • Home URL:
  • Proxy address: Ignore
  • Linger time (sec.): 300

    In Advanced settings:
  • Static IP: Unchecked
  • Static DNS: Unchecked
  • Traffic class: Subscribed


3. Save

  • Press OK
  • Press Save 

To set Orange Internet as default connection method
Select the new profile Orange GPRS Internet and it'll automatically set as default and return you to the settings screen. The new profile is saved.

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