Our people

We understand the importance of looking after our people

We're committed to creating a brilliant workplace for our 15,000 employees. We believe we’ll only achieve our company vision if we get this right.

We are focusing on finding and keeping the best talent, investing in our people so everyone can be the best they can be, and informing, listening and engaging with all employees on a regular basis.

We want EE to be a great place to work for everyone and we're committed to supporting a diverse employee base. There's more information below on our diversity and engagement activity.

Further information about a career at EE can be found at jobs.ee.co.uk.

We have a number of employee interest groups related to diversity, and we're always welcoming the formation of new groups.

As a British business and a significant employer in the UK, we have a role to play in providing employment support and building skills. It's essential for us to invest in talent and employment support to make sure we have a solid recruitment base in the future.

Building a responsible business

The environment

We're reducing the footprints we leave on the planet - and helping our customers do the same.

Building trust

We want to deliver the best network and service so our customers trust us with their digital lives.

Getting connected

We're doing all we can to help everyone in the UK get online and make the most of being connected.