Getting more out of the internet

Explore the benefits of being online

Helping others connect

There are more than 10 million people in the UK who currently aren't using the internet. Think of the things they're missing out on.

We've produced some handy guides showing how the internet can make life easier and more fun.

Let's work together and encourage the people you know to get online.

Guides to help get more out of the internet

Staying in touch

Email and instant messaging mean you can keep in touch with family wherever they are.

Makes life easier

Save time by doing chores like banking and paying bills, online.

Entertainment on tap

Catch up with your favourite TV shows and share music playlists with friends.  

Save yourself money

Take advantage of online-only discounts and price comparison websites.

Tackling Digital Exclusion

Many people in the UK lack the skills and confidence to take full advantage of the digital world.

Want to improve your digital skills or know someone who needs to improve them?

UK online centres make getting online easy.