Digital Living

We want everyone to have a brilliant and safe digital life

Let's spread the digital word

There are more than 10 million people in the UK who are currently without internet access, and many more who are lacking the skills and confidence to take full advantage of the digital world.

We want to help you to help others make the most of the internet.

Watch our short video to see how you can help to get your friends and family online.

Tips for a happier digital society

Online security

The internet opens the door to endless opportunities - but it's important to be careful.

Social netiquette

The digital world has its own rules on how to behave. Etiquette becomes netiquette.

Keeping children safe

Just like in the real world, we need to take exttra care of our children when they're online.

Digital for all

We have accessibility solutions to help the hard of hearing and visually impaired.

Advice for parents

You want your children to enjoy a full and enriching digital life. We can help you find ways to talk to them about sensitive issues and allow them the freedom to discover their own path.

We also have videos and links to guide you in the right direction.

Digital champions

Digital champions

This is what we call employees who inspire people to get online, sharing the power of connectivity.

Sharing connectivty

Sharing connectivity

We want everyone to have brilliant and safe digital lives.