Keeping children safe online

Working together to protect young people

Understanding the risks

Things like cyberbullying, sexting and grooming all sound scary to parents.

But if you understand them can talk to your children about them.

And you can make sure they know how to stay safe online.

How to stay safe online

We've produced a film that that reminds us all about online risks.

We've also pulled together an activity guide that you can work through with young people in a classroom, at a youth group or at home.

Films to help you learn about safety online

Your digital profile

This film is a reminder to think carefully before you post things onine.

Smart sharing

Read our activity guide on smart sharing, or watch the accompanying film.


Learn about cyberbullying from this short film, or read the activity guide.

Playing safely

Find out how to play it safe by watching the film, or download our activity guide.

Our Advice for Parents guide provides guidance on setting parental controls and having discussions with your children about sensitive issues.

Francoise Clemes Chief of Customer Service

Putting your mind at rest

Content filters

EE offers a free parental control service to help you protect your children from online risks.

Peace of mind

All new EE broadband customers get a year's subscription to Norton Security Premium software worth £59.99.

Parental advice

We've made an Advice for Parents guide that has lots of information on keeping your family safe.