Rain forest trees

The Green Planet AR Experience

Through the magic of augmented reality, EE’s 5G allows you to travel with Sir David Attenborough on an immersive journey inspired by the BBC series The Green Planet and enjoy our digitally enhanced worlds.


Explore our green planet like never before by using a 5G enabled device that becomes your window into the secret kingdom of plants. You’ll learn why they are so vital for the future of our planet and experience what 5G is capable of.

EE’s 5G really is putting nature at your fingertips in a ground-breaking experience powered by EE’s 5G network.

The Green Planet AR Experience
Powered by EE 5G

When you arrive, you’ll receive a 5G mobile to use as you navigate around the augmented world, and you don’t have to be an EE customer to enjoy this amazing event.

You can attend this free event from 11th February to 9th March 2022 at 55 Regent Street, London.