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Whether you’re thinking of joining EE, or upgrading, there’s never been a better time to get a phone that works best on EE.

To harness the full potential of our 4G network, you’ll want to use the latest network technology. To do this, you’ll need a phone with these three features.


Your phone is Best on EE when it offers:

WiFi Calling

We’ll keep you connected in even more places. Wherever there’s WiFi, you can call and text on EE.

4G Calling

On EE, you don’t have to rely on 2G or 3G signal to chat. Enjoy making phone calls in more places than ever on our network.

4G+ enabled

Access speeds as fast as fibre broadband in areas where available, for superfast streaming experience.


A few of our top best on EE devices

We're adding more devices to this category when phones are enabled with the right technology

iPhone XS

A beautiful bezel-free display and new face ID make this Apple’s most beautiful and powerful device ever.

Google Pixel 3

The Pixel 3 builds on its predecessor in every way with a stunning screen, cutting-edge camera and built in Google Assistant. 

Samsung Galaxy S9

A natural evolution, the Galaxy S9 features a beautiful 5.8 inch infinity display, superfast charging and 12MP Dual Aperture camera.

WiFi Calling

Wherever there’s WiFi, you can call and text on EE

Make calls from the back bedroom, the pub, the coffee shop, the supermarket – or even from the London Underground. EE gives you WiFi Calling so wherever there’s WiFi, you’ve got EE.

Our coverage-expanding technology keeps you talking and texting in even more places. It works automatically once it’s turned on: all you need is WiFi.

Watch the video to find out more.

4G Calling

Stay connected in more places

Until recently, mobile calls in the UK have gone over 2G or 3G networks. But not anymore. On EE, you can make calls over our 4G network too. And because this covers 91% of the UK’s landmass – more places than any other 4G network – you can make calls in places you couldn’t before.


Just like fibre. On your phone

4G+ is three times faster than standard 4GEE. We're the first network to launch up to 90Mb/second mobile data speeds, they are fast enough to download an HD film in minutes.

4G+ is already available in parts of London, and we're rolling it out to other areas of the UK. Use our Coverage Checker to see if it's available where you are.

But even if you're not looking at our Best on EE range, there are lots of other great phones that also let you enjoy some of the benefits of 4G Calling, WiFi Calling and 4G+ speeds on your phone.

4G in more places than any other UK network

Did you know that we give you the biggest 4G coverage?