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Can I ever go over my data?

Don’t worry, you can’t go over your data allowance, we’ll text you when you’ve used 80% and then again when it runs out - there are no hidden charges with EE.

Quick ways to check your data

  • Use the My EE app
  • Login to My EE online
  • Text AL to 150 (free of charge) from your EE device and we'll reply with your data remaining and when your allowances refresh if you're on a monthly plan
  • Visit when you're connected to the EE 4G network

Remember, we’ll always send you a text to let you know when you’ve used 80% of your data and again when you’ve ran out. Find out more about usage alerts.

Buying data add-ons

UK data add-ons

If you've already run out of data, we'll send you to the data add-ons page when you try to browse using our network. Here are the other ways to buy a data add-on:

  • Use the My EE app
  • Use the link we text you when you run out
  • Visit when you're connected ot the 4G network

Roaming data add-ons

If you're abroad, you can still use the internet - with a roaming data add-on. When you try to browse we'll send you to the roaming data add-ons page. Buy an add-on and start browsing.

Find out more information about roaming add-ons available to you using our roaming tool.

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