Manage my data add-ons

Here's how you can manage your add-ons:

Add, remove and change your add-ons

You can add, remove and change your add-ons when you:

You can view your data allowance and add data add-ons by:

  • going to on your mobile device – you’ll need to be connected to the mobile network

For music, games and mobile TV add-ons, you'll need a compatible device.

More info on pay monthly and pay as you go add-ons

Cancel a recurring data add-on

Find your recurring data add-on in the table below and send the text code to 150.

Data add-on Text to 150
1GB recurring add-on STOP 1GB ADD-ON
2GB recurring add-on STOP 2GB ADD-ON
5GB recurring add-on STOP 5GB ADD-ON
10GB recurring add-on STOP 10GB ADD-ON
20GB recurring add-on STOP 20GB ADD-ON
Unlimited data add-on STOP UNLIMITED
Unlimited data pass 5G add-on STOP UNLIMITED

Alternatively, you can call Customer Services on 150 and ask them to remove the recurring add-on.

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