Clone phone-about the insurance

Phone insurance with 24 hour replacement is only available on the Clone Phone Fully Loaded Plan.

What's covered

Clone Phone Fully Loaded will give you worldwide cover on your mobile device (e.g. mobile phone, USB modem, tablet, etc.) purchased from Orange, T-Mobile or EE against:

  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Damage


Warranty cover against electrical or mechanical breakdown for 36 months, provided by EE Limited. The warranty period will be unaffected if we replace your phone. The 36 months will continue to run from the date Clone Phone Fully Loaded first came into force. Read more about warranty.

What's not covered

You will not be covered for:

  • Theft where your mobile device is knowingly left on display and outside the view of you, an authorised user or anyone using or storing Your mobile device with the permission of you or an authorised user.
  • Theft where your mobile device was left in a building or other property, unless force resulting in damage to the building or premises was used to gain entry or exit.
  • Any costs arising from unauthorised use of your phone after it was lost or stolen, such as phone calls, downloads, apps and text messages.
  • Any claim where the SIM card linked to an Orange, T-Mobile or EE Service Plan was not inserted into the SIM card holder in your mobile device at the time of the incident. This exclusion will not apply where You have removed the SIM card temporarily for a legitimate reason, or where the mobile device is a SIM free device purchased as part of a bundle with a mobile device from us or one of our suppliers.
  • The excess for each successful claim that you make.

Please see the 'what's not covered' section in your policy document for the full list of exclusions and conditions.

Orange care customers

Orange Care customers can migrate to Clone Phone at any time to benefit from Clone Phone features.

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