Clone Phone - Fully Loaded

With Clone Phone Fully Loaded if your phone or tablet gets lost, stolen, damaged or becomes faulty we will aim to get a replacement to you within 24 hours*, with access to your precious contacts and photos.

Clone Phone Fully Loaded has the following features:**

  • Insurance and warranty, which covers lost, stole, damaged and faulty phones.
  • Same day replacement if your claim is accepted before 11am, or 24-hour replacement if your claim is accepted before 7.30pm*.
  • Find-My-Phone tracks your lost device and shows you where it is using GPS. If you have an Android or BlackBerry phone you can even remotely lock and wipe it via another phone or the Clone Phone website.
What's covered
Clone Phone Fully Loaded will give you worldwide cover on your mobile device (e.g. mobile phone, USB modem, tablet, etc.) purchased from Orange, T-Mobile or EE against:
  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Damage


Warranty cover against electrical or mechanical breakdown for 36 months, provided by EE Limited. The warranty period will be unaffected if we replace your phone. The 36 months will continue to run from the date Clone Phone Fully Loaded first came into force.

Only one phone can be covered at one time under Clone Phone Fully Loaded. if you have more than one phone that you wish to be covered, a separate Clone Phone Fully Loaded agreement will be needed for each phone.

The replacement will be from refurbished stock that has been tested and is fully functional.

Clone Phone Fully Loaded can be active for a maximum period of 60 months. When you near the end of the 60-month period we'll contact you to see if you'd like to purchase the product again.

Clone Phone Fully Loaded is subject to a minimum period of three months. If you cancel your policy during this term you will need to pay any outstanding payments due for the remainder of this period. However, you have the right to cancel Clone Phone Fully loaded with 14 calendar days of receipt of your confirmation of insurance cover and terms and conditions. if you have not made a claim we will refund any payments you have made on a pro-rata basis. 

What's not covered

You will not be covered for:

  • Theft where your mobile device is knowingly left on display and outside the view of you, an authorised user or anyone using or storing Your mobile device with the permission of you or an authorised user.
  • Theft where your mobile device was left in a building or other property, unless force resulting in damage to the building or premises was used to gain entry or exit.
  • Any costs arising from unauthorised use of your phone after it was lost or stolen, such as phone calls, downloads, apps and text messages.
  • Any claim where the SIM card linked to an Orange, T-Mobile or EE Service Plan was not inserted into the SIM card holder in your mobile device at the time of the incident. This exclusion will not apply where You have removed the SIM card temporarily for a legitimate reason, or where the mobile device is a SIM free device purchased as part of a bundle with a mobile device from us or one of our suppliers.
  • The excess for each successful claim that you make.

Please see the 'what's not covered' section in your policy document for the full list of exclusions and conditions.

Clone Phone Fully Loaded - Warranty

One of the great things about Clone Phone Fully Loaded is that it also provides a replacement option if you don't want to wait for your phone to be repaired if it develops a fault outside 14 days of purchase (except iphones which are referred to Apple between 14 days and 12 months of purchase).

You'll benefit from worldwide warranty cover for a maximum of 36 months for the repair or replacement of your mobile if it suffers from electrical or mechanical breakdown, whether being used by you or the authorised user. Claims under the warranty cover are subject to an excess fee

* Clone Phone Fully Loaded package from £6 to £14 a month for pay monthly customers with an EE, Orange or T-Mobile plan. Available to all consumer and small business customers. Three-month minimum term.

*Get 24 hour replacement if your claim is accepted before 7.30pm or same day replacement (delivered between 6pm and 10pm, specific slots not available) if your claim is accepted before 11am. Geographical restrictions apply on delivery of all replacements. Same day promise excludes customers living in Northern Ireland, Isle of Lewis, Inverness, Isle of Arran, Orkney Isles, Hebrides, Isles of Scilly, Shetland Isles, Aberdeenshire, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Isle of Wight and some parts of Ayrshire, Paisley & Perthshire or while you are outside the UK. Excludes bank holidays and exceptional circumstances. The replacement will be from refurbished stock that has been tested and is fully functional. The insurance element of Clone Phone Fully Loaded is underwritten by Allianz Insurance plc. Allianz Insurance plc is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Financial Services Register No. 121849. We may refuse cover. Insurance and other terms apply, see

**Features depend on Clone Phone plans and what phone you have. Excluding the BlackBerry Z10. Please see each feature section for detailed information.

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