Windows XP - set up a wireless connection

Before you start

To connect using wireless, you'll need your router's wireless network name and wireless password. You'll find them printed on a sticker on the bottom or back of most routers, as seen in the example below.

It can also help to:

  • Move close to your router while setting up the connection
  • Unplug an Ethernet cable (if you've already set up a wired connection)

Connect to your router

To connect a Windows XP computer to your router, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Start, select Connect to and click Wireless Network Connection
    Start menu openeded, Connect to Wireless Network Connectio highlighted

  2. Click on your router's wireless network name from the list of available networks. In the example below ours is EE-1a2b3c - you'll find yours printed on your router

    Tip: If you can't see any wireless networks, check your computer's wireless adapter is turned on. Your computer's instruction manual will explain how. Also, try moving closer to your router and check it's turned on.

    See our guide if you're getting the error Windows cannot configure this wireless connection.

  3. Click Connect

  4. Enter your router's wireless password in the Network key fields - you'll also find this printed on your router
  5. Click Connect

    Wireless Network Connection - enter security key then click Connect

  6. Your computer will connect...

    Please wait while Windows connects to the 'EE-1a2b3c' network. Waiting for the network

  7. And display as Connected

Error after entering your security key

  • Try setting up the connection again, checking you're entering your security key correctly. You'll need to enter the dash (-) if you have a Bright Box router.
  • Check if you already have settings for your wireless network - removing the settings and trying to set up the connection again often fixes the issue - you'll find more help with this in our guide to remove wireless network settings
  • Restart your router and computer and then try to set up the connection again

Unable to use the Internet

If you're connected to your router, but are unable to use the Internet (for example view web pages), see one of our guides below to check if there's a problem with your broadband connection.

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