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Looking for help with your email? You'll find more help in our guide to Orange email.

To set up your broadband email service, you'll need a couple of settings. These can be found below:


Your email username looks like one of these examples:


The @fs found at the end of your router's broadband username isn't needed for email.


You chose your password when first signing up for the service. Remember, passwords are case sensitive.

If you've forgotten your password:

  1. Go to the FORGOTTON PASSWORD page
  2. Enter your Home Broadband username
  3. Enter the letters displayed in the ...type here field - you can also click AUDIO to hear the letters
  4. Click NEXT


Email address

Your email address is your choice of name, followed by the @ sign and your email username, e.g.

You can use as many email addresses before the @ sign as you like, e.g., and

Server settings

  • Email server: POP3
  • POP server (incoming):
  • POP incoming port: 110
  • SMTP server (outgoing):
  • Outgoing SMTP port: 25 (see below if you're not always connected to EE Home Broadband)
  • Use secure connection (Secure Sockets Layer or SSL): no
  • Authentication: none


Sending email away from your EE Home Broadband connection?

If you use your computer or device off the EE network, you may experience problems sending mail using port 25. Try changing settings to:

  • Outgoing SMTP port number: 587
  • Use secure connection (Secure Sockets Layer or SSL): no
  • My server requires authentication: yes
  • Authentication: Password
  • Username: use the same as your incoming mail settings or manually enter (e.g. - see username section above
  • Password: see password section above

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