Improving your WiFi signal and WiFi speed

If you’re having trouble getting a WiFi signal or your WiFi connection’s slow, we’re here to help.

Does the position of my router affect the WiFi signal?

Yes. Here’s a few tips to make sure your router’s in the right place:

1. Plug your router straight into the master socket (it looks like one of the sockets pictured below);

2. Move your router to the middle of your home. Use a WiFi booster if your master socket isn’t ideally placed to do this.

3. Move the router close to where you use WiFi most.

4. Move it away from windows to avoid losing signal outside.

5. Move the router onto a table or shelf.

6. Don’t place it on top of a metal box or behind the TV – metal surfaces can scatter your signal.

7. Don’t place the router on thick material surfaces that might block its air vents (i.e. carpets).

8. Don’t place it near anything that emits a radio signal (i.e. baby monitors and radios).

9. Don’t place it near fish tanks, fridges and thick walls, as they can interfere with the signal.

What else can I do to improve my WiFi signal?

There’s a few other things you can try to bring your WiFi signal back up to speed:

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