Improving your WiFi signal and WiFi speed

If you’re having problems with the reach of your WiFi or maintaining good WiFi speeds, this page is here to help.

If you have no WiFi connection at all, you can get help fixing your home broadband connection.

Test your WiFi speed vs a fixed connection

What’s the difference? 
In a nutshell, WiFi is when your device is connected to the internet via your router without the use of cables. Fixed connection is when your device is connected to the internet through an Ethernet cable to your router.

First, check how your WiFi speed compares to a fixed connection to your router. Your slow WiFi may be due to issues with your broadband service.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your laptop or computer directly to the router using an Ethernet cable (you would have received this in the same box as your router). 
  2. Plug one end into your device, and the other end into any of the yellow Ethernet sockets on the back of your router. 
  3. Start by running a speed check by using the BT Wholesale Broadband performance checker.
  4. Now remove the Ethernet cable and complete this test on the WiFi connection. This will let you know if slow speeds are down to your WiFi or broadband service.

The test will show your download speed - compare this to your broadband package and the speeds you should get. We have three packages::

  • Broadband (speeds of up to 17Mb/s)
  • Fibre Broadband (speeds of up to 38Mb/s)
  • Fibre Plus and Fibre Max (speeds of up to 76Mb/s)

Comparing these will identify if the speed issue is with your WiFi or your broadband service. Check what package you’re on by logging into My EE. You can also see what package you can get with our broadband line checker.

Or get more support on how to test your broadband speeds.

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