Staying safe online

Helping children and families protect themselves online

Understanding the risks

The internet plays a huge part in young people’s lives and is an invaluable source of information, resources and knowledge. However, it’s important that children and parents are also aware of the dangers – and how to protect themselves.

At EE, we want children to stay safe as they communicate, learn and share online, which is why we offer a range of web security software and parental controls. We’ve also partnered with Internet Matters, a not-for-profit organisation that aims to keep children safe in the digital world.

Our Content Lock

All our phones and tablets come with the Content Lock switched on by default, which ensures adult content is blocked on your child’s phone until you say otherwise.


The default Content Lock setting is ‘Moderate’ and you can decide whether to switch it off, or turn it up to ‘Strict’. If your child is using an old phone or SIM card, it’s worth checking what the settings are.

Norton Family

When you purchase any EE home broadband, you will automatically have access to Norton Family, allowing you to set up parental controls, manage your children’s computer time as well as preventing viruses on your devices and much more.


All EE customers can enjoy a year’s free access to Norton Security Premium, which protects up to 10 devices from viruses and malware.

Internet Matters

We’ve partnered with Internet Matters, a digital safety organisation, to help parents understand online risks and educate their children about internet safety.

Packed full of tips, insights, videos and expert advice on all aspects of internet safety – and broken down into age groups – Internet Matters can help give your child a happy, fulfilling and safe online experience.

Top tips from Internet Matters

Advice on child-proofing your phones and tablets

Parental controls

Use the security settings on your device to set restrictions on what can be downloaded, so your child is only able to access age appropriate apps and games.

Location services

Location services are often turned on automatically on devices, so make sure they're disabled for your child. This will ensure they don't unintentionally share their location with others.

Password protected

Make sure you set up password controls and disable in-app purchasing, which can be done in your device settings. This will ensure huge bills aren't run up accidentally.

Age appropriate content

Talk to your child about their online use regularly and check that they are downloading age appropriate apps and games

Friendly WiFi

For parents, things like Content Lock and security software make it simple to control monitor a child’s internet use at home. But what about when they’re not at home?

Adult content is often readily available over WiFi hotspots, which is why all our WiFi locations automatically have content restrictions in place. We do this through the Friendly WiFi service, a government-backed initiative that blocks adult content on public WiFi.

More family friendly tech

Robin from EE

Designed especially for kids, the Robin from EE comes pre-loaded with games and educational apps to keep your little entertained for hours.

Peace of mind

Keep your whole family connected with a 4GEE plan for up to four people, featuring unlimited calls and texts plus loads of shareable data.

Security best practice

Read our guidelines for leading a safe and secure digital life, from creating strong passwords to spotting internet scams.