Mobile broadband


average 5G speeds


average 4G speeds

Get connected at home or on the go with a 4G or 5G mobile connection from the UK’s best network.

4G and 5G home broadband

Slow fixed line broadband? Get connected with home WiFi powered by a Smart 4G or 5G Hub.


Superfast speeds

Ideal for areas with slow fixed line broadband.

Excellent WiFi range

Enjoy your WiFi where you need it most.

Connect 100+ devices

Ideal for busy households, your connection can handle multiple devices at once.

Plug in and get connected

No need for an engineer – simply plug in your hub and get connected straight away.

Move home with ease

Take your hub with you when you move home and get connected instantly.

Busy home? No problem.

Our 4G and 5G routers can support up to 64 devices with average 5G speeds of 146Mbps. Ideal for a home full of remote workers, little learners and social media swipers.

Get connected fast

No engineer installation needed. Just get plugged in and connected right away. Ideal for students and renters who want more flexibility.

Flexible contracts

Ideal for students or renters, our 4G plans are available on a 1 month or 18 month basis to give you ultimate flexibility.

4G and 5G Mobile wifi

Need a WiFi connection on the go? Get online with our portable 4G and 5G WiFi devices.


On-the-go WiFi

A portable, rechargeable WiFi device lets you get connected, wherever you are.

Connect up to 20 devices

Handles multiple connections at once, including tablets and laptops.

Superfast speeds

Powered by the UK’s best mobile network with average 5G speeds of 146Mbps.

Game on the go

Play online using your phone, tablet or other gaming device, with a portable WIFi connection when you’re on the move.

Take your WiFi with you

Going on holiday? Pack your WiFi device and stay connected whilst you’re away.

Are we nearly there yet?

Keep them connected in the car with mobile WiFi from the UK’s best mobile network.

Stream on the move

With average 5G speeds of 146Mbps, you can stay up to date with your favourite shows when you’re out and about.

Learn more about Mobile Broadband

5G broadband connects through the mobile network, using a wireless router to share the signal. 5G doesn’t replace 4G, it uses both networks to create the fastest possible connection and give you 5G WiFi wherever you are.

Fixed broadband connects you to the internet through a landline or fibre, and you’ll get a router for your home. 5G broadband connects to the available mobile network with a portable router. You can check EE 4G/5G coverage and signal strength in your area here.

There are a number of different benefits and considerations when looking at 5G broadband, including:

  • Coverage: First check your 5G network coverage, if you’re not covered it could be worth considering other mobile broadband options or 4G broadband.
  • Speeds: 5G broadband speeds are the highest available in a mobile broadband, however these can vary depending on provider and location. So, it’s worth checking your coverage and the speeds available compared to your needs. 5G broadband is faster than 4G or 3G broadband. Meaning you can get more done, streaming, gaming or anything you need to use your 5G internet for.
  • Data caps: Some 5G packages come with data caps, meaning you have a limit on how much you can use. Always check the data available meets your needs. Our 5G WiFi comes as either a 500GB or an unlimited data option.
  • Features: 5G broadband often comes with additional features, for example we’ll get you a 20GB data boost. So, it’s worth checking what you get with your package.
  • Lower latency: 5G has a lower latency than 4G. This is the time it takes for data to travel between your phone, computer, or games console to the internet and back. This means less lag when gaming or streaming.
  • More capacity: With 5G internet you can connect more devices to the network at the same time, without experiencing impacting congestion. Easy to setup: There’s no need for line installation or an engineer visit, simply plug in your router and get connected.
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