5 Cosy Games to
Counteract the
Winter Blues


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With the glitter of Christmas firmly behind us, pre-payday funds running low, and a good few weeks of British winter to get through yet, this time of year can seem a little bleak. Instead of letting the January blues get you down, lean into your hibernation instincts and swap an expensive night out for a cracking night in with one of these cosy games. Wholesome, heart-warming, and the perfect escape from the grey skies outside, these titles offer hours of entertainment that can be enjoyed snuggled up on your sofa. Plus, just like many of the great gaming offers and bundles available in the EE Game Store right now, they won’t break the bank.





Breakthrough indie game Stray lets you explore a post-apocalyptic city from a whole new perspective: that of a small, ginger cat. Unlike many furry protagonists from gaming’s past, the unnamed feline is realistically rendered, both in its behaviours and language capabilities. This means you interact with the neon-lit world and its mysterious robot inhabitants by running, jumping and swatting, all the while remaining mute until you press a dedicated ‘meow’ button. Far from just a novelty play, Stray is underpinned by a touching story, some unlikely friendships and a comfortingly familiar quest to find your way back home. PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox Series X|S players can own it for £24.99.

Interact with the neon-lit world and its mysterious robot inhabitants by running, jumping and swatting

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Part city builder and part puzzle challenge, Dorfromantik is a serene and satisfying way to while away a couple of hours. The game is rendered in a soothing storybook style and requires you to place a stack of procedurally generated hexagonal tiles onto an isometric map, expanding your settlement one cell at a time. Each hexagon has different landscape and infrastructure features, meaning you have to think carefully about how and where it can fit into your existing creation, and points are awarded based on how successfully you integrate the tile elements each turn. There are different game modes to test your skills, special objects that give you quests to fulfil, and the drive to play just one more round to obtain a high score kicks in pretty quickly. Check out Dorfromantik on Nintendo Switch or PC from £10.99.




If you didn’t get swept up in the pandemic’s mass play-along, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is still well worth diving into for some cuddly escapism four years later. The quintessential farming and community-building sim lets you craft the island homestead of your dreams, while undertaking quaint quests and daily tasks for your cute animal neighbours. Online multiplayer means you can share your adventures with real-life friends, and community, seasonal and special events in-game mean there’s always something new to discover. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch, with physical copies of Animal Crossing: New Horizons retailing at £39.99 on the EE Game Store.



It’s a task few of us relish in the real world, but Unpacking transforms the mundane activity of unboxing a house full of possessions into a simple yet satisfying storytelling mechanic. Rendered in a retro pixel art style and soothingly soundtracked by minimal yet melodic instrumentals, the mindful process of making sure every item has its place helps you to uncover details about the game’s invisible protagonist, whom you follow from room to dorm to apartment across 21 years of their life. A meditation on memories and the material possessions they become attached to, Unpacking can be played for free on Xbox and PC Game Pass and PlayStation Plus, or purchased for £17.99 on Nintendo Switch.

Rendered in a retro pixel art style and soothingly soundtracked by minimal yet melodic instrumentals

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Fans of puzzle and strategy games will find plenty to sink their teeth into in Pikmin 4. Despite being a numbered instalment, there’s no need to have played the previous games to enjoy this big adventure conducted on a small scale, which sees you play as a tiny space explorer who crash lands on a mysterious, Earth-like planet. On a mission to restore your ship and track down its captain, you run into the Pikmin themselves; hordes of colourful creatures that adopt you as their leader and – in their own unique way – help you to reach your objectives. You’re also aided by the adorable Oatchi, a dog-inspired companion who opens up even more problem-solving possibilities and whose presence alone justifies Pikmin 4’s place on this list. A Nintendo Switch exclusive, Pikmin 4 is available to buy now, priced from £39.99.


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