Five great games that make the most of the PS Portal




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Fed up with fighting for PS5 game time on the living room TV? Us too. Thankfully, Sony’s PlayStation Portal Remote Player puts the power of your PS5 in the palm of your hand through seamless streaming technology.

The PS Portal is now available on the EE Game Store, helping you to reclaim your game time without tying up the TV. Better yet, there’s a gamer’s dream bundle available via EE’s 24-month Pay Monthly subscription that arms you with a Video Pass, loads of Data, and PlayStation Plus Extra, giving you immediate access to a vast catalogue of hundreds of games - EE Mobile customers get exclusive access to the PlayStation Portal Remote Player bundle.

So once you have your shiny new PS Portal, where do you start? To help you make the most of your newfound gaming freedom, we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best games to play on the device, from mega blockbusters to breakout indie darlings.




Curling up on the sofa with this comfy, cosy life simulator is made all the more appealing with Belle, Micky, and WALL-E coming to life on the PS Portal’s 8-inch high definition LCD display.

Create an avatar of your own, befriend iconic characters from Disney’s extensive extended family, and help rebuild a village where everyone can live happily ever after. In between unravelling the mysteries of Dreamlight Valley itself, you’ll take fishing lessons from Goofy, rescue Donald Duck, and help reunite Anna and Elsa in Arendelle.

It’s a delightful and surprisingly deep adventure game full of quests, farming and compelling tasks that’ll have you swearing that you’ll do “just one more thing” as time magically flies by.



Standing as a goliath in the roleplaying game space, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a dizzying and impeccable melding of action-adventure and turn-based combat. Spending time up close and personal with Cloud, Aerith, and co is a stunning experience for both trilogy newcomers and series veterans alike.

The PS Portal’s native DualSense controller brings the action to life with a host of haptic feedback features, alongside use of a unique touchscreen touchpad, motion sensor and microphone that make the most of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s multitude of minigames.

What’s more, with the PS Plus Extra subscription that comes as part of EE’s new gaming-focused bundle, you’ll have immediate access to Rebirth’s predecessor and part one of the FFVII trilogy - Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - giving you scores more hours of gameplay at no additional cost.



Making the most of EE’s bundled PS Plus Extra subscription right out of the gate, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a perfect title to enjoy on the PS Portal. Its Pixar-esque characters run around with abandon in a sumptuous 3D fantasy world that pops and fizzes on the handheld device’s vivid screen.

Accompany Spirit Guide and intrepid explorer, Kena, through a touching tale as she helps troubled stranded souls resolve unfinished business and move on to the next life. The accessible yet deep combat is complemented by some satisfying puzzle solving and testing platforming, offering a mix of gameplay styles that keep players on their toes.

It’s a beguiling adventure, and one that benefits from players being able to dip in and out via PS Portal’s remote streaming play whenever there’s a wifi connection and a spare 10 minutes of gaming time available.



Swinging in to nestle amongst the PS5’s best-selling titles, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is one of the very best games to experience on the PlayStation Portal.

Thanks to its PS5 exclusivity, it exemplifies Sony’s ability to deliver a cinematic single-player blockbuster with its stunning use of the console’s technical features, including seamless loading, staggering visual performance, and seriously impressive lighting effects.

Further, selecting the in-game Performance mode offers a silky smooth framerate that matches the acrobatic antics and flow-state combat displayed by dual protagonists, Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

Talking of Peter’s partner in crime-fighting, the equally excellent Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is also available on PS Plus Extra. This duo of games gives you enough NYC citizens to help and villains to fight to get your Spidey Sense well and truly tingling.



For those that fell under the spell of this charming indie megahit long ago, Stardew Valley is less a game and more a way of life. Winning near-universal acclaim since its release and across its many subsequent updates, this wholesome farming and life-simulator sees you inherit your grandfather’s farm and quit your corporate job in the city to make a go of cultivating an honest living.

As you renovate, plant, harvest, gather and craft your way through your newfound life, there’s also time to build relationships with the charming inhabitants of Pelican Town.

The seasons change, time passes and each day brings something new to explore, with fresh mysteries to uncover and life to nurture. Experienced from the comfort of a favourite armchair, with a warm drink by your side and the PlayStation Portal in your hands, it’s a cosy gamer’s dream come true.

Experience all of these incredible games, and hundreds of others, via the streaming power of the PlayStation Portal available from the EE Game Store, and check out EE’s new 24-month Pay Monthly Bundles with Video Pass, Data, and PS Plus Extra included.