How to make it as a pro streamer


Hear from the best in the business on how to take your game streaming to the next level

The internet has broken down barriers and brought us closer together. In gaming, it’s turned bedrooms into sporting arenas. Thousands tune into live streams to see what their favourite personalities will do next.

This is broadcast for the 21st century—on‑demand multimedia that allows people to choose their host from a cast of thousands and assimilate into communities that resonates on an emotional level.

For instance, Twitch is home to an eclectic community that spans every possible genre and niche of gaming culture. At any one time 103,000 people stream to 2.45M viewers around the world.

But how do you become one of the 103,000? How you can give yourself a shot at turning a side hustle hobby into a career? We break it down with advice from a few of those who have done just that.

The Buff My Stream Team

AaronTheLoco – Streamer and social media expert

Samham – Streamer and set up expert

inkedgirlgamer – EE gaming guide

BradWOTO – variety streamer and streaming expert

Setup for success


First impressions count. You need fast, reliable internet above all else. "I work with EE to make sure that we are the number one destination for gaming, no matter how or what you play," says EE gaming guide Hannah, better known as inkedgirlgamer. That inclusive element is fundamental to the EE Store too—it’s stacked with the latest gaming hardware and titles, and importantly, is open to every player on any network.

While you don’t need the kind of setup that our resident experts Hannah and Samham would be proud of, you do need a good graphics card and processing unit. This will mean you can handle not just the game you’re playing, but the demands of beaming your content out into the world at the same time.

Remember the accessories too. You need a chair that you can sit comfortably in for long periods of time, a quality microphone (yes, you can get good quality from a USB mic) and a capture card to record and edit your streams.

You're the star of this show


Building an online identity around your personality may sound daunting, but the best advice is to be yourself. A recurring theme at nearly every TwitchCon is the need for authenticity. You can put on costumes, give out freebies and be as eccentric as you want, but a warm personality matters most to viewers.

There are other people that like the exact same things that you like—you can build a really strong community around that


What’s more, your streaming identity can centre around the kind of games you play or how you play them. Maybe you have unique insight into a certain genre or aspect of gaming history, or you’re just really good at engaging commentary while you play. Experiment to see what works for you and your viewers, but be genuine—audiences can easily spot a fake, and once you’ve lost their trust, it’s hard to win it back.

Create more, stream less


A good streamer interacts with their viewers during the stream and builds a sense of community. A great streamer keeps it up once the camera turns off.

A pitfall that most streamers fall into when they first start out is neglecting self promotion, an easy way to get stuck in first gear. Make sure you’re utilising trends on social and create content that will bring people over to your stream. You don’t have to make it a full-time job, but keeping a steady presence in spaces where your viewers and potential viewers are active is a low-cost, always on approach and will help build a strong reputation.

Social media is the building block of creating a successful streaming career


Don’t be a completionist


Even with a shining online personality, the best setup, and a keen understanding of your viewers, building a community around your streams takes time and a lot of effort. Keep your expectations in check and remember this is a journey you’re not going to ever complete.

An audience of 20 after six months of streaming or 200 after a year is worth celebrating and shows you’ve found something that works. Start small, recognise your successes, no matter how tiny they seem, and then work toward the next milestone. 

Once you start building authentic connections with people through who you are, they’ll stick around, they’ll watch anything


Buff your stream with EE


Whatever kind of streamer you want to be, you can make it happen with dedication and the right setup—and a bit of help from EE. Open to every player on any network, the EE Game store is your one-stop shop for everything you need—whether it’s the hottest new game your audience can’t wait for you to play, or webcams and headsets to ensure you’re geared up throughout your stream.

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