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Six Video games to sink some serious hours into


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It can be super-satisfying to blitz an entire video game, from beginning to end, in a single day. But if you’re conscious about just how much you’re spending on a title, you’ll often want to know that you’re getting enough bang for your buck. No matter what your genre or console platform of choice, these six games deliver hours upon hours of absorbing play through storytelling, unlockable achievements, and transformative co-op campaigns. Get ready to get stuck in…




Offering deep character customisation and a single player campaign with a seemingly endless branching narrative, each roll of the dice in the tabletop-inspired Baldur’s Gate III pulls you further into the detailed world of the Forgotten Realms. Even if you have no desire to play Dungeons & Dragons in its original format, the imaginative use of turn-based magical combat, cinematic adventuring, and vast range of complex and fully voiced NPCs to interact with (and romance) make this RPG a uniquely absorbing experience, as evidenced by its domination of Game of the Year 2023 nominations across the board.
With a whopping 110 hours of main storyline and side quests to lose yourself in, Baldur’s Gate III provides a huge blank canvas on which to paint your own fantasy epic, even before you delve into the possibilities opened up by couch and online co-op. Play it now on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC from £57.99.



If you prefer your gang of heroes to have more of a super-human touch, Midnight Suns will be right up your street. Loosely based on a ‘90s comic book series, the game explores the darker side of the Marvel universe via combat-based tactical gameplay, while also incorporating RPG and deck-building elements. You play as Hunter, a new, customisable superhero who joins a team of legendary faces tasked with overturning Hydra’s plans for world domination. Between slickly animated bouts with bad guys – who have been entranced by the mother of demons, Lilith – you can explore a central base called The Abbey, uncover puzzle- and collection-focussed side quests, and forge friendships by chatting with your squad mates.

Unlocking the full roster of characters, abilities and storylines (including DLC that introduces Deadpool, Storm, Venom, and Morbius to the fold) will take you upwards of 91 hours. Plus, the replayability factor as you strengthen both your team of supes and Hunter’s relationships with them will have you retrying missions again and again. Released in 2022, Midnight Suns is available for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC from £49.99.



Variety is the spice of life, and the high-energy Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth delivers a dizzying array of gaming flavours across its sprawling campaign. Ostensibly a tongue-in-cheek JRPG driven by Yakuza themes, outside the main story, Infinite Wealth features an enormous number of side missions and embedded mini games that ramp up the chaos factor. One minute you can find yourself speeding through the streets on a pedal bike, trying to fulfil food orders in the arcade-style ‘Super Crazy Delivery’, the next you’ll be swept into a quest involving a quirky escape room TV show. There are even side activities that ape some of Nintendo’s most famous releases: ‘Sujimon’ (in which you catch and collect a variety of fists-for-hire instead of pocket monsters) returns in an expanded format following its debut in Yakuza: Like A Dragon, and ‘Dondoko Cross–’ sorry, ‘Dondoko Island’ allows you to build your own Hawaiian haven in a resource gathering and crafting frenzy.

 Completionists can expect to plough more than 125 hours into Infinite Wealth’s mainline brawling and (almost) infinite supplemental content. Get it now for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC from £59.99



Forza Motorsport is a fun-filled ride for anyone craving a more realistic driving experience than that provided by a certain plumber and his pals. Boasting a 500-strong roster of cars that can only be unlocked through play rather than pay, the game strives to emulate real-life track contests with authentic handling and weight, but adds an RPG-like points upgrade system that will be familiar to less seasoned racers. Additional challenges can be found by tackling DLC circuits, featuring some of the world’s most famous motorsport arenas, and embracing fuel tactics and tyre degradation, which force you to approach each race even more tactically. There is also an extensive online multiplayer experience with a variety of modes that are each set up like a full race weekend – including a practice session, a three-lap qualifying blast, and a pedal to the metal race.

To fully line your trophy cabinet and fill your garage will take over 122 hours, and that still leaves room for countless competitive rounds against fellow racers across the globe. Forza Motorsport is available as an Xbox Series X|S and PC exclusive from £69.99.



Octopath Traveler II’s eight charming stories and unique pixel art-inspired style make it easy to lose countless hours under the game’s spell. After choosing a starting character (complete with their own backstory, profession, and special skills), you’ll set off on an epic RPG adventure across the land of Solistia and slowly unravel said character’s destiny.

 Along the way, you’ll encounter turn-based duels, as well as the seven other travellers implied by the game’s title. By interacting with each of them and then adding them to your party, you’ll get to explore their distinct narratives across several chapters of gameplay, and see how their actions impact the path of your primary character. This multi-perspective structure keeps the storytelling fresh, as does a transformative day and night cycle that constantly switches up the landscape, enemies, and each travellers’ abilities.

 You can expect the cosy escapism and satisfying levelling-up grind of Octopath Traveler II to take at least 60 hours to complete if you stick to the main story. This rises to a meaty 82 hours or so if you take on every side quest, and 93 hours if you aim to complete all possible pathways. Play it now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S from £34.99.



Dinosaurs, advanced exosuits and some serious guns – Exoprimal is a hero shooter that turns the absurd premise of inter-dimensional prehistoric reptile invasions into a bold and addictive co-op experience. The multiplayer setup follows a campaign structure, introducing you to the wacky sci-fi story behind your actions and outlining the progression your team needs to make to see it through to its conclusion. This in itself isn’t a particularly lengthy quest, with the average player and pals blasting through the main narrative in around 24 hours. However, when you include the various competitive modes, where you face off against other squads of dino-dispatchers, and the goal of unlocking all achievements via PvEvP (player-vs-environment-vs-player) online matches, this swells to over 86 hours of raptor-wrecking mayhem.

 With different classes to explore and master (each of which falls under the familiar categories of tank, assault and support heroes), fans of hero shooter stalwarts like Overwatch 2 will find plenty of reasons to continue dipping into Exoprimal’s warped universe. Snap up a copy for PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S or PC from £49.99, or play for free on Xbox Game Pass.


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