Three tech hacks for your home

Heather Young’s top three tech hacks for your home—turn your interior dreams into reality


These tech-based ideas can make a world of difference

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Our homes are the ultimate multi-taskers. Not only do we want them to look great but we also need them to be comfortable enough for some R&R, and durable enough to take whatever life throws at them. So, while we often aspire for the perfect home, it can often feel like a struggle to tick all the boxes.

Luckily there are some brilliant hacks when it comes to making use of the latest tech to create your dream space. Once you’ve offloaded some of those day-to day worries and frustrations, you’ll have way more time to enjoy your home, and the company of the people you share it with.

Our new Smart Hub Plus will help your whole home run smoother—whether you’re setting up apps for appliances, smart speakers, heating and lighting, or just hitting pause on the WiFi on your kids’ devices at bedtime. It puts you in charge of your devices and network, and strong and reliable WiFi is essential to help you take control. Get 2024 off to a winning start with broadband that’s a little smarter, and embrace the connectivity and tech that’s there to make life easier.

Use tech to visualise your space


When you’re faced with decorating a blank space, being able to see its potential can be a challenge, which is where great tech comes into play—on-hand to help you at every stage. Overwhelmed when it comes to picking a paint colour? Try out different shades in your room before you reach for a paintbrush, using clever software that will show you how that colour will look on your walls.

Heather Young, Editor-in-chief of the popular homes and interiors magazine Ideal Home, used a measuring app and online design tools to help her plan her latest kitchen renovation. "We were struggling to work out whether we had left enough room for a dining table," she says. "Using a 3D room planning tool on our tablet really helped us to fine-tune the layout of the space. It’s so reassuring when you can see your ideas come to life in 3D form."

Use technology to visualise your interior home space

Make everyday life easier


Running a busy family home is always a juggling act, and smart tech is often a lifesaver. Whether you (and the rest of the family) are adding items to the shopping list via a smart speaker, or you’re streaming a recipe on a phone or tablet so you’ve got your hands free for food prep, these simple solutions will save time and make life run that little bit smoother.

It’s all about reducing those daily stress points. Heather can control her washing machine via an app so the cycle’s finished exactly when she needs it, even if she’s running late on her commute home. Plus, a smart home security system means she can check in on her house while she’s out and about, taking one more anxiety off her list for greater peace of mind.

Technology can help make everyday life easier 

Prioritise space for downtime


Our homes work hard but they should help us wind down, too. They offer a sanctuary—an escape from our busy lives—and it’s important to make sure that your space can easily switch to ‘relax and unwind’ mode. There are some great ways to create a calmer atmosphere—light a soothing scented candle, set up a cosy nest with a blanket on a comfy sofa or armchair, and dim the lights for some digital downtime.

Or maybe you’d prefer to unroll your yoga mat and do some active stretching instead? Clever tech is on-hand to help, too. Use smart speakers to stream music or a guided meditation (or watch a yoga class on your phone or tablet), and mix in smart lighting to set a vibe that mirrors your mood. As well as finding the ideal light level, you can also change the colour of the light to create the ambience you need for your chosen activity.

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