5 things we learned about the Samsung Galaxy Note9

09 August 2018

On 9 August, the Big Apple hosted the launch of Samsung’s big new smartphone – the Galaxy Note9. Fans gathered in New York and watched on the internet for the device’s grand unveiling and to learn just what it can do.

We followed online and picked out the best bits. Here are our top five takeaways from Samsung’s Unpacked 2018.

1. The new Galaxy Note9 is one big smartphone

Fans of big phones will love the new Note9. With a 6.4-inch Infinity Display, it currently has the largest screen on any smartphone. That’s great news if you enjoy getting stuck into a good box set, watching films or streaming sport on the move.

Plus, on top of enhanced entertainment you’ll also enjoy a larger space to work on files, browse websites and showcase your photos and videos.

2. The Note9 is a portable powerhouse  

Beneath the surface, the Galaxy Note9 features a huge amount of space to store files. You can fit 128GB worth of photos, music, videos, apps and documents on the phone. And if you still need more space, simply pop in a microSD card for up to an extra 512GB of room to play with.*

There’s a 512GB version of the Galaxy Note9, too. With 512GB built in and the ability to add another 512GB via a microSD card*, we’re talking about an incredible 1TB of storage space. If you want all your content close at hand without having to ever upload anything to the cloud, this is the phone for you.

The phone’s fast too. With 6GB of RAM (an 8GB version is also available), working with multiple apps, editing content and playing HD games is smoother than smooth.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 storage

*External Memory may be used to store media (photos, video and music files) but not applications.

3. All that phone needs a big battery 

Of course, with such a large and detailed HD display, you’re likely to get through a fair amount of battery power. Thankfully, the new Note9 comes with the biggest battery Samsung has ever put in one of their smartphones.

It’s a big step up and means you can use your phone to power through your day.


4. The S Pen has been revolutionised

The S Pen has always been the Note’s big draw – a handy and discreet digital pen that enables you to work more effectively on the move and organise your life with a whole host of intuitive features. But the S Pen on the new Note9 does a whole lot more.

Built-in Bluetooth means now you can use the S Pen to take photos hands-free, or control your music without having to take your phone out your pocket. It will completely transform your smartphone experience – you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 new pen


5. The new Galaxy Note9 features a seriously good camera

The new Galaxy Note9’s camera is designed to help you capture incredible photos in all conditions, so you can showcase them on the glorious Infinity Display and make use of all that built-in storage space. The Dual Aperture camera acts like the human eye, automatically adjusting to levels of brightness, so your images are automatically optimised for daytime and evening shots.

What’s more, a built-in scene optimiser brings out all the colours in your shot to give you photos that stand out and leave a real impression. Want to get creative? Live Focus makes it easy to blur the background or foreground of your image. And a Flaw Detection feature picks up the things that could spoil your photos, such as unwanted blurring or accidental blinking, making it practically impossible to take a bad picture.

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*External Memory may be used to store media (photos, video and music files) but not applications.