5 things you can ONLY do with a Note8…

23 August 2017

Each year, smartphones get more and more impressive, futuristic and outright cool. The sheer level of technology on-show has become so utterly incomprehensible, it’s hard to see how they can get any better.

Well, here at EE, we were lucky enough to get an early peek at the Galaxy Note8 – and spoiler alert, Samsung have somehow outdone themselves… again!  We’re talking a 6.3” Infinity Display, market-leading 10nm processor, game-changing AI and an S Pen for everything from messaging to creating photo-real art. In short, it’s an ABSOLUTE powerhouse.

But while the Note8 is ridiculously impressive on paper, what sets it apart from the competition can’t be explained with specs. What makes the Note the Note isn’t simply its power, it’s the power it gives you to do more.

With Samsung’s latest launch, you can now do things that are impossible on any other smartphone. So, from the artistic to the downright handy, here are some of the amazing things you can ONLY do with a Note8…

Handwrite in messenger apps…
Sending work emails from your phone is incredibly convenient.  But let’s face it, it can be a bit tricky – especially if you’ve got larger-than-average thumbs. And who hasn’t nearly given up on their Facebook invite altogether when auto-correct changed ‘cool’ to ‘book’ for the 100th time? Well, with the Note8, you can say goodbye to those fiddly moments for good…

Those clever bods at Samsung have teamed up with the makers of your favourite apps for a world-first. Using the Note8 and an S Pen, you can now handwrite messages directly into messenger apps. Facebook. Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp. Twitter. All the big hitters. And if that wasn’t handy enough, you can even write memos directly onto the lock screen and it’ll automatically file them away for later.  Perfect for those mid-meeting notes.

Turns out the pen really is mightier than the… erm, finger!?

Use optical zoom on your phone…
You might be asking yourself, what’s so special about a camera with a zoom? All smartphones have them now. Well, it’s the ‘optical’ bit that sets the Note8 apart.

Up to now, smartphone cameras only had digital zooms. This effectively means that the camera is zooming in on the image the phone captures, instead of the actual thing you’re about to shoot. But while it’s a handy feature, you lose resolution quality the more you zoom.  It’s a bit like stepping towards a painting – the closer you get, the more brushstrokes you see. Or in this case, the more you digitally zoom, the more pixelated the image gets. And no one wants pixels ruining their holiday snaps.

With the Note8’s optical zoom, though, the camera lens physically zooms in on what you’re about to capture, instead of the image. That’s right, the Note8 has a lens that actually moves – zooming in and out at a touch of a button. So you get less pixelated photos and, with a bit of luck, more likes on Instagram.

Create art with real-world precision…
The Note8’s screen has 4,096 pressure points that can independently detect the S Pen. Yes, you heard – that’s 4,096 separate points in just 18 square inches. Why does this matter? Surely this is unnecessary – a bit overkill?

Well, the sensitivity of the screen and S Pen provides the type of precision previously only seen with actual pens, pencils and brushes – allowing you to create genuine works of art on your phone. This goes way beyond digital doodles or sketches.

But unlike traditional art created on paper or canvas, once you’ve made your masterpiece, you can share it in seconds with just a few taps. After all, if you’ve got the talent, flaunt it! And if you’re thinking, “There’s no way I could ever draw anything like that”, just remember that everyone’s got to start somewhere. You never know, you might just discover your inner da Vinci.

Multi-task more, quicker than ever…
As we’ve already mentioned, the new Note is a beast when it comes to processing – with its 10nm processor the most powerful to ever grace a phone. But let’s face it, it’s so easy to get bogged down in jargon. What does it actually mean? Does it really make a difference? Well, in a word: yes.

The Note8’s beastly processor allows you to do more stuff, at the same time, faster than ever before. Using the App Pairing feature, for instance, you can reply to that work email on one side of the screen, while using the other to keep an eye on the departures board – after all, you can’t afford to miss that last train home. And while you’re busy multi-tasking, you could have any number of high intensity apps running in the background, such as Spotify, Google Maps or BBC iPlayer – in fact, as many as you like. And with all this going on, it’s the Note8’s market-leading processor that keeps everything running without the slow-down – and, most importantly, without slowing you down.

Call your virtual assistant, Bixby, with its very own button…
Ever secretly dreamt of having one of those little bells – the ones where a personal assistant comes running every time you ring? Someone to book train tickets or organise your diary – basically the important stuff that’s too boring to do yourself. Well, short of winning the lottery, the Note8’s Bixby button is probably the closest you’ll get.

Bixby is Samsung’s virtual assistant. You call it by simply pressing the Bixby button on the side of the Note8, making this the first smartphone assistant to have its very own button. By creating a dedicated button for Bixby, the Note8 really places its AI front and centre – helping you integrate it into your daily life and get the most from your device.

Run out of washing powder? Just tell Bixby and it will remind you when you go shopping. Terrible at remembering dates? Don’t fret – Bixby won’t let you forget Mother’s Day. In fact, just ask and it will even send your Ma some flowers. And how about that cool shirt you saw on the tele? Take a picture and Bixby will hunt it down for you. It will even translate menus when you’re on your hols. And this is only scratching the surface. But the best thing about Bixby is the more you use it, the more it learns – and the better it gets at giving you what you want, when you want it.

As you can see, the Note8 enables you to do things that are impossible on any other smartphone. And with EE’s superfast connection, you can get even more out of this powerful piece of kit! So get the Samsung Galaxy Note8 on EE now.

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