How to take back control of your family WiFi in your home

14 March 2019

Trying to ensure quality "family time" in the online era can be a struggle, especially with the constant distraction of pinging smart phones and other devices at the dinner table and around the home. But it just got a whole lot easier to take back control of your home WiFi network thanks to BT Whole Home Wi-Fi and some smart new settings.

From controls to help you schedule "device-free" time to the ability to set up a secure guest network, BT Whole Home Wi-Fi puts you in charge of your family WiFi.

Create a secure guest network

With just one tap on the app you can manage your network in a number of ways. Want to see who's using your WiFi? Or maybe you’d just prefer visitors to be on a separate network from your family when they’re at your house? No sweat.

You can create a secure guest network using the app on your phone and set up a unique password that can only be used to access that network. You can also set controls for when they can use it and to make things easier and secure, you can share the login details with them over WhatsApp and block anyone you don’t recognise trying to use the network.

Pausing the internet and bedtime controls

If you’re always having to play bad cop and keep an eye out for your kid playing games online when they’re meant to be going to bed, you can take back control by setting up schedules via the app to control their access to the WiFi on their device. All you need to do is add the devices you want to control to a group via the app, and then use the bedtime control to pause access to WiFi for those devices at the time you set. So, bedtime now means bedtime.

And if that doesn’t work, you can always go rogue and pause the internet entirely in one go so that the whole household gets to enjoy a digital detox.

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