Full Fibre Broadband


Average download


Maximum upload

Up to 190

devices at once

New EE Broadband combines the expertise, reliability and engineering of BT, with the innovation and service of EE. Bringing you a rock-solid and reliable connection.

Full Fibre Broadband benefits

Blistering speeds

Get speeds up to 1.6Gbps, with fibre optic cables connected directly to your home.

Rock solid reliability

Get the speeds you pay for, even at peak times, with the UK’s most reliable broadband technology.

Connect 190 devices at once

Full Fibre has the strength to power 190 devices at the same time.

Amazing service

We run regular checks on your connection to keep it running at its best, and tweak it automatically if we need to make it better.

Unlock Unlimited

Add EE broadband and get mobile savings too. Unlock unlimited data mobile SIMs from just £10 a month for 10Mbps.

Powered by BT

New EE broadband combines the expertise, reliability and engineering of BT, with the innovation and service of EE.

Full Fibre Gigabit

We’re the provider with faster speeds in more places than anyone else, and our
Gigabit Broadband is 44 times faster than superfast fibre. It’s exclusively available with our Busiest Home bundle, which includes a Smart
Hub Plus, Smart WiFi Plus and WiFi Enhancer.

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Connect 190 devices at once

Your Full Fibre connection can handle over 190 devices at once, ideal for your busy household of connected devices.

The UK’s most reliable broadband technology

Get the speeds you pay for, even at peak times.

Full Fibre not yet available in your area? Choose Fibre 67 and we’ll give you a free upgrade to Full Fibre once it’s available.

Check fibre availability

Full Fibre speeds

Time to download 1 hour standard definition TV show (450MB)
average 1600Mbps
Downloads in 2 seconds2 secs
Full Fibre GigabitFull Fibre Gigabit
average 900Mbps
Downloads in 4 seconds4 secs
Full Fibre 500Full Fibre 500
average 500Mbps
Downloads in 7 seconds7 secs
Full Fibre 150Full Fibre 150
average 150Mbps
Downloads in 24 seconds24 secs
Standard FibreStandard Fibre
average 67Mbps
Downloads in 56 seconds56 secs

Built for gaming

EE Full Fibre gives you a reliable connection, even at peak times, so you'll never be beaten by your broadband. Add Game Mode, to turbo charge your gaming experience.

Learn more about Game Mode

Get EE Broadband and save £20 monthly on EE mobile

Switch to EE Broadband and save £20 monthly on mobile upgrades, new unlimited data SIMs and airtime plans. Prices from £10 for 10Mbps speeds.

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Take control with our best ever router

EE Full Fibre is powered by our most advanced router ever - Smart Hub Plus. But advanced doesn’t mean complicated. It’s easy to control all your home’s connectivity from the EE app, with WiFi controls.

Explore WiFi Controls

All new Smart Hubs deliver reliable, ultrafast speeds throughout your home, thanks to clever background features like dual band technology, WiFi 6 and smart WiFi channel selection.

More sustainable packaging

100% of our hub cardboard packaging is plastic free and recyclable too.

Keep them safe

Parental Controls in the EE app help you keep your kids safe by limiting what they see online, whilst a built-in firewall and web protection keep you safe from online threats.

All your devices. All in one place.

Easily see what’s connected to your Smart Hub and create custom groups for your devices using the EE app.

Switch off, drift off

Easily pause the WiFi at bedtime for the devices you choose with simple scheduling in the EE app.

Learn more about Fibre Broadband

It’s easy to switch to EE. Simply place your broadband order and we’ll cancel your old contract for you. If you have TV or you are with Virgin Media, you’ll need to cancel this yourself.

We guarantee the speed to your hub. Check your speed using the EE app, online or by calling 0800 800 150. If after 30 days we can’t get you back to the speed we promised you may be able to exit your contract without paying a charge for cancelling it early. Excludes outages, connection faults and home wiring outside of EE’s control.

You don’t need a landline to get EE Full Fibre. If you’d like a home phone service, you can add Digital Home Phone to your broadband plan. This gives you crystal clear calling, powered over your broadband.

You can choose an installation date that works for you when you order. On your installation day, an engineer will call so you know what time to expect them. The engineer will set up your router to ensure you’re getting the best connection possible. They’ll finish up by testing your Full Fibre connection on one of your preferred devices. It normally takes under 3 hours to complete all the internal and external work to get you connected, but some external work may take a little longer.

Speed: As with any type of broadband speed is key. Full Fibre broadband can provide speeds of up to 1.6Gbps, this is often more than enough for most households and is significantly faster than other types of broadband. If you have a lot of devices in your home that use the internet, or if you like to stream high-definition video, then a fast broadband connection is vital.

Reliability: Full Fibre broadband is far less likely to slow down or experience an outage. It’s also less likely to be impacted by other external factors. Hybrid or home workers can comfortably rely on an FTTP connection.

Availability: As we’re rolling out Full Fibre across the country it’s vital that you check full fibre broadband is available in your area. Our service checker can do that for you by using your postcode. If it’s not in your area yet then you’ll see a range of other broadband packages that are.

Full Fibre broadband is a broadband connection that uses fibre optic cables throughout the entire network. That means that not only is the street cabinet connected using fibre cables but so is your home. This allows for even greater speeds than standard broadband with increased reliability and ever growing availability.

The key difference between these two broadband services is the connection. Full Fibre broadband (FTTP) connections directly to your home, whereas Fibre broadband (FTTC) connects to the street cabinet, then uses the old copper wiring of standard broadband to complete the connection. This means that Fibre broadband is slower and less reliable but often cheaper than the quicker, more reliable Full Fibre broadband.

Generally speaking Gigabit Broadband is any broadband connection that goes over 1Gbps download speed. Our services can reach speeds of 1.6gbps download, meaning they’re considerably quicker than most standard full fibre products. Gigabit broadband can also handle more devices than Full fibre broadband.

What’s faster Mbps or Gbps?
Gbps is faster. Mbps stands for Megabits per second and Gbps stands for Gigabits per second. 1Gb is worth 1000Mb. That means if you’re offered, for example, 500Mb or 1Gb broadband speeds the faster is 1Gb as 500Mb is half the speed.