5 times Kevin Bacon made us smile

27 April 2017

In case you haven’t guessed from our TV ads, we’re big Kevin Bacon fans here at EE.

And really, it’s hard not to be – considering how super-charming, good-humoured and generally loveable he is. Not to mention those insanely impressive dance moves tucked away under his belt (we still have no idea how he pulled off the Footloose ‘warehouse’ scene).

His stand-the-test-of-time films have made him an icon of our time. But outside of being a massive Hollywood A-lister, Kevin has a heartwarming tendency to effortlessly humanise being a celebrity.

Here’s just a few of our favourite Kevin Bacon ‘things’, that never fail to put a smile on our faces.

Literally everything about ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’.
Think of a Hollywood star. It can be anyone at all, across any genre. In just a handful of steps, more than 2,283,910 Hollywood stars can be linked to Kevin through the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, due to his mind-bogglingly prolific on-screen career. Each star has their own personal Bacon Number, based on the degrees of separation they have to Kevin through their film roles. Kevin himself has a Bacon Number of 0. While anyone who’s worked directly with him has a Bacon Number of 1. And so on… It even led Kevin to found his own charity, sixdegrees.org; a social networking platform with a social conscience.

The game became so popular, Google even added its own feature that allows you to instantly see any actor’s connection to Kevin by searching their name, followed by ‘Bacon Number’. 

It could only happen to you, Kevin!

Whenever we listen to his band, The Bacon Brothers.
That’s right, Kevin Bacon has a band – and obviously, they are exceptionally good. Formed with his brother, Michael, The Bacon Brothers have released SIX studio albums to date, playing their own infectious brand of country and folk rock packed full of earworm-inducing hooks and vibrant vocal harmonies. Even when you strip away the Hollywood gloss and endearing brotherly chemistry, you certainly can’t fault their musicality or songwriting craftsmanship.

As if being one of the world’s greatest actors wasn’t enough…

Here’s one of our favourites!

Brilliantly reenacting iconic Footloose scenes on The Tonight Show.
Sure, 30 years may seem like a long time. But in the world of Kevin Bacon, three decades clearly has no effect at all – as his appearance on The Tonight Show back in 2014 attests to. Gliding through the studio corridors, reenacting famous moments from Footloose like it was 1984 again; Kevin didn’t miss a beat, and clearly hasn’t lost any of the hip-swiveling swagger that took Hollywood completely by storm. And what’s even better: he had to actually rent a copy of Footloose to refresh his memory on some moves.

We know exactly what we’re getting you for Christmas, Kevin!

Of course, his brilliant EE ads.
Kevin’s EE ads still completely crack us up. We’ve seen him dance with Rio Ferdinand, nearly conga off a rooftop, impersonate Britney Spears (rather convincingly!), and help Scarlett Moffatt order a kebab. 

Over the years, Kevin has been at the heart of EE's groundbreaking news, most recently letting the world know we now have 4G in more places than any other UK network.

Take it away, Kevin...

Appearing in a will.i.am video.
In 2008, Kevin and his wife Kyra Sedgwick made a heartwarming guest appearance in will.i.am’s video for It's A New Day. Kevin and Kyra, who’ve been married since 1988, can be seen dancing and singing along to the hit tune – which also features cameos from Fergie and legendary Michael Jackson producer, Quincy Jones,

Can you spot Kevin and Kyra?

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