EE top tips: How to unleash your creativity using the Huawei Mate 20 Pro triple-lens camera 

9 November 2018

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro features a triple-lens Leica camera, with each lens designed to capture specific types of images. But they also seamlessly work together alongside the phone’s built-in artificial intelligence to add an extra level of creativity to your photos in every setting and scenario.

Here’s our top tips to get you started with some of the most creative camera modes on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro:   

Focus on the detail in Super Macro mode

As the name suggests, the Leica Ultra Wide Angle Lens helps you fit more into the frame, which is great for group shots and landscape images. But the lens is also ideal for the complete opposite type of picture – extreme close-ups.

Using Super Macro mode on the 16mm wide-angle lens means you can focus on subjects just 2.5cm away – perfect for extreme close ups of plants, flowers and insects. There’s no blurring and the level of detail packed into your photos is unbelievable.

To use this function is simple - there’s no pre-photo-taking settings to adjust as Super Macro mode launches automatically when you place the camera really close to your subject.

Experiment with Night Mode during the day

Huawei’s Night Mode takes multiple photos at different exposures then stitches them together, taking the best bits from each shot to create an ultimate overall picture. This, coupled with a slower shutter speed, brings out the detail and improves the quality of low-light photos taken on the smartphone.

But this innovative feature isn’t just limited to dimly-lit environments. Try using Night Mode in daylight and you may be surprised with the results. The different exposures can create dramatic shadows and highlights that give your photos a creative edge that you wouldn’t get shooting your subject in the default photo mode.

The shutter speed will automatically speed up when you’re taking photos in bright conditions, so your images won’t get flooded with light. The result is often hyper-realistic – think HDR dialled right up. To launch Night Mode, just open the camera app and scroll across the options along the bottom until you find ‘Night’.

Mix up your backgrounds with bokeh effects

Blurred backgrounds are all the rage. The bokeh effect can instantly add a depth of field and give your photo that artistic edge which makes the subject of your photo really stand out.

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro lets you get even more creative with your bokeh shots. When taking people photos using Portrait Mode, you can change the shape of the background blur. Choose from circles, hearts, swirls and discs for a stylish background effect that looks different from all the others.  

You can add bokeh effects by opening the camera app and scrolling across the options at the bottom until you reach ‘Portrait’. Take photos in this mode and then scroll through the options available to change the background effect.

Add a spot of colour to your videos

Videos also benefit from artificial intelligence on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. With the AI Portrait Colour feature, you can give your videos an artistic edge by greying out the backgrounds, so only the people in your clip pop with colour.

AI Cinema Effects puts filters across your entire video, so you can create a suspenseful, fresh or vintage look that alters the feel of your film, or even add a bokeh-style blur to your video for a different dimension that puts the focus fully on your subject.

AI Cinema Effects can be used by recording your video and clicking on the effects icon, which looks like a magic wand. Then scroll through the options to choose your cinematic effect.  

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