EE top tips: How to use PowerShare on the Samsung Galaxy S10

8 March 2019

All three of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones come with PowerShare – a handy new feature that lets you charge another compatible phone, Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Watch wirelessly simply by placing it on top of your Galaxy S10.

This is great news if you often find your Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Buds low on battery or want to boost a friend’s battery in their time of need when they can’t use a power socket.

Using PowerShare is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • swipe down from the top of the screen to display the control panel
  • press the Wireless PowerShare icon to turn it on
  • carefully place your phone face down
  • put the other phone against the back of your phone (face up). Keep both phones straight.
  • the other phone will start to charge automatically. You can even pick both phones up together and continue to use your phone while it shares its battery.

To stop sharing your battery power, simply remove the two phones from each other.

This is another innovate new features on the Galaxy S10, available to buy now on EE.

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